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The Bears Den: April 23, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

The O-line's group visit to to see Old Faithful as a send-off for Roberto Garza was only slightly ruined when they got a little too close.

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How the Bears can finally find a safety - Not-Hub Fishbain: Ryan Pace, John Fox, and Vic Fangio are a trio that should have a very good understanding of what they want and need at the position, and may value it better than previous regimes.

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2015 Draft notes

Draft preview - Adam Hoge: Clemson's Vic Beasley projects as an outside linebacker at the next level, but doesn’t have a lot of experience dropping into coverage and his run defense needs work. Still good enough to go seventh overall, if not earlier.

Draft preview: Inside linebacker - Rich Campbell: It's ironic the Bears are transitioning to a linebacker-based front, given their deficiencies at that position in recent years; the competition for ILB roster spots is crowded, if not overly talented. Moon MullinILB jobs in short supply.

Draft preview - Dan Durkin: Oklahoma NT Jordan Phillips is a physically dominant player who is short on experience but long on potential; his lack of production and medical concerns will likely land him in the top of the second round.

[Video] - Not-Hub Fishbain: The biggest question about former Washington CB Marcus Peters entering the 2015 NFL Draft is, can he be coached?

Draft preview: Running back - Adam L. Jahns: The selection of a back in the draft next week remains a distinct possibility, but it’s how early that pick is made that will be most telling when it comes to Matt Forte’s future.

Draft preview - Adam Hoge: If the Bears are serious about taking a wideout in the first round, it will be hard to pass on Alabama's Amari Cooper, who has pretty much every quality you want in a receiver.

[Video] - Arthur Hubsson: Central Florida WR Breshad Perriman's draft stock has soared in recent weeks.

Draft preview - Football Outsiders' analytics for Kevin White and DeVante Parker project that both receivers may be overdrafted for their expected production in the pros.

[Video] - is-Hub Arkush: One of the best O-linemen in the draft, Iowa's Brandon Scherff might be a fit for the Bears at pick No. 7.

Draft preview: O-line - Moon Mullin: Rebound in 2015 a must, but not via draft.

[Video] ESPN - Jeff Dickerson: Moving up for Marcus Mariota wouldn't be easy for Bears.


Predicting Bears' 2015 record: 7-9 or 9-7? - Adam L. Jahns and Patrick Finley predict the Bears' record. One likes potayto, the other potahto; one likes tomayto, the other tomahto. Potayto, potahto, tomayto, tomahto; whole thing called off.

Bears prediction - Moon Mullin on why he predicts the Bears to go 10-6: The talent on the field can't be as held back even remotely as much as it was by Marc Trestman, Aaron Kromer, and Mel Tucker.

Bear-ly speaking, let's get futile - Mike Imrem breaks down the schedule with the kind of writing that sets him apart from mere hacks. It takes genuine and underappreciated talent to be this bad.

[Video] SportsTalk Live - What are realistic expectations for the Bears?

Does fewer prime-time games mean NFL down on Bears' outlook? - Ed Sherman: Yes.

Football Outsiders - A look at 2014 roster ages, weighted for snap counts. The Bears were 3rd-oldest on offense and 12th-oldest on defense, with STs coming in 9th.

Bears' best/worst first-round picks since 2000: No. 3 - Jeff Dickerson's picks are Greg Olsen and David Terrell.

Best/worst first-round picks for all 32 slots (9-12) - Mike Huguenin runs them down. Cade McNown is moreorless balanced out by having Wilber Marshall and Brian Urlacher on the other side of the ledger ... but then the 5-8 slots include David Terrell and Curtis Enis.

Draft capsules of current Bears players - Larry Mayer takes a look some old NFL draft previews to see what was being said about Bears players when they were entering the league.

Bears picked bumper crop in first draft - Larry Mayer: In the very first NFL draft in 1936, the Bears selected two future Hall of Famers in O-linemen Joe Stydahar and Danny Fortmann who helped revolutionize pro football with the T-formation.

[Video] Inside the Bears - Lyndsay Petruny follows Staley to a local school where he teaches kids about the importance of anti-bullying.

Polish sausage

Inside an NFL draft room - Greg Gabriel outlines what goes on in the typical draft room once the draft begins.

Whut - John Breech: Subway turns Marcus Mariota into a terrifying sandwich. Cannot unsee.

Whut - John Breech: Fan emails insane Tim Tebow conspiracy theory to Eagles player. Cannot unread.