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Las Vegas predicts another losing season for the Chicago Bears

With the NFL releasing their 2015 schedule last week, Las Vegas was quick to get out some early betting odds. They aren't expecting much from the Chicago Bears.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we asked you guys to predict the record of the 2015 Chicago Bears. Seven or eight wins was the overwhelming winner in our poll, garnering 45% of the votes, with nine or ten wins coming in next with 26% of the vote.

We should't be that surprised that a poll on a Bears site would skew towards an improvement over last year's 5 win season.

Las Vegas doesn't share our optimism. has an exclusive first look at the beting lines for every game from week 1 to week 16. The week 17 contests are probably off the board because so many teams rest starters for the post season.

Here's how Las Vegas is seeing things this season. If you aren't sure how to read the lines, the + or - after each home team is the amount of points Vegas says to add or subtract from the final score. Week 1 for example has the Bears +4, meaning that for betting purposes, Vegas says to give the Bears 4 points so the Packers are the favorite.

Week 1:
Packers at Bears (+4)

Week 2:
Cardinals at Bears (+1)

Week 3:
Bears at Seahawks (-9)

Week 4:
Raiders at Bears (-6)

Week 5:
Bears at Chiefs (-4)

Week 6:
Bears at Lions (-5)

Week 8:
Vikings at Bears (-2)

Week 9:
Bears at Chargers (-4)

Week 10:
Bears at Rams (-4.5)

Week 11:
Broncos at Bears (+2.5)

Week 12:
Bears at Packers (-7.5)

Week 13:
49ers at Bears (+1)

Week 14:
Redskins at Bears (-4)

Week 15:
Bears at Vikings (-2.5)

Week 16:
Bears at Buccaneers (+1.5)

Week 17:
Lions at Bears (no line yet)

So if we are to assume that the home team Chicago Bears would get the benefit of the doubt and be favored against the visiting Lions on week 17, then the best Vegas has Chicago down for is another 5 win season. Only 14% of our readers predicted a 5 or a 6 win season for the Bears.

What are your thoughts on the early Vegas odds?