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NFL Draft Pre-Party Open Thread

Join us below for our first Open Thread of the night!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On one hand mock drafts give us some insight as to what experts and analysts think they know about our favorite team, and on the other hand OH MY GOD NOT ANOTHER MOCK DRAFT.

Either way you slice it, there will be no more mock drafts until the day after this draft ends and 2016 mock drafts start popping up. So enjoy the next 3 days...

With that said, we're counting down the minutes to when we can officially say The Chicago Bears are on the clock, which will hopefully lead to us closing that infamous talent gap between us and the Green Bay Packers.  If we can have an A+ draft, and they have a B- or worse, we might be able to add another couple notches to the Wins column.

But not to get the cart ahead of the horse. We've still got a lot of offseason strategery to go.

Anyways, let's get this party started.  This is your Pre-NFL Draft Open Thread... See you on the other side once the Draft kicks off.  Have fun!