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Chicago Bears talking to Tennessee Titans for 1st Round trade including Jay Cutler

ESPN reporting that the Bears discussed trading Jay Cutler to Titans for #2 overall pick.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

A few minutes before the Draft started, ESPN reported that the Chicago Bears showed interest in moving up to the #2 overall position currently held by the Tennessee Titans, with the intention of moving quarterback Jay Cutler as part of the deal.

The Titans entertained the offer, but ESPN reported that the Titans were not at all interested in Cutler, so the deal was likely turned down.  ESPN also stated that the Eagles were making offers for that #2 position, but no word yet on what that included.

The Bears are completely committed to Cutler based on his guaranteed salary, and the only way he won't be in a Bears uniform in 2015 is if they are able to move him.

Rumors surfaced weeks ago that the team was shopping Cutler, but nothing substantial surfaced.

Will the Bears continue trying to find a trade partner for the polarizing QB? Stay tuned...