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Saturday Night Open Thread: Breaking Bad Edition

Wait, what?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The greatest football team of all time-- and arguably the greatest sports team of all time-- is the 1985 Chicago Bears. We are fans of the greatest team in the history of the universe.

Since we're talking about things that are the greatest things in the history of the universe, let's shift that focus to television shows.  Naturally, Breaking Bad is at the top of that list.

Since we're a Chicago Bears website, let's tie this together so that people don't question what the hell is going on...

If you were Vince Gilligan, and casting current or former Bears players/ coaches/ execs as Breaking Bad characters, how would you lay that out?

Some cast members to consider (but feel free to bring in others-- my choices are in parentheses):

- Walter White (Brian Urlacher: The head honcho.)

- Walt, Jr. (Mike McCaskey: You understand why.)

- Gus Fring (Clint Hurtt: I mean, you've seen Coach Hurtt's picture, right?)

- Hank Schrader (Hunter Hillenmeyer: Goes full speed, but always tries to do the right thing.)

- Mike Ehrmantraut (Olin Kreutz: Quiet, but will destroy your world if you cross him.)

- Saul Goodman (Craig Steltz: Talented, but all over the damned place. Not consistent, but you can trust him.)

- Jessie Pinkman (Jay Cutler: This just felt right. Restless, bored with life, but also has a big heart. B*tch...)

- Tuco Salamanca (Sam Hurd: This also felt right.)

- Huell Babineaux: (Orlando Pace: Large, useless, and rolling around in money.)

This is your Saturday Night Open Thread... Let us know your thoughts for ideal cast members in the comments section.