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Enough with the "Best in Bears History" and Other Stories

Aren't we done with relying on past team history to decide to stay on a player? This and more in a collection of Sunday brain droppings.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Spongie tossed an article at my tax-season-addled brain (PSA: You have 11 days left, Americans, and we preparers may or may not despise last-minute-ness), and I admit, I initially rolled my eyes at it while considering whether or not to post it or do something with it, especially as it's been something discussed ad nauseum around here. But it's Sunday morning and I have a couple other thoughts to sneak in here too, so let's do it. And apologies to George Carlin in this morning's intro text.

  • Yes, that article was about Jay Cutler being the greatest quarterback in Bears history, and my mind immediately went back to my piece about that being the wrong measuring stick and Lester's "Jay Is Who He Is" post. I thought we were done with making decisions based on the miserable history at the position for the Bears. While Jay Cutler may be the best option currently, that doesn't mean the Bears should pass an opportunity to improve at the position at a reasonable cost should said opportunity arise. Compared to his peers at the NFL level, he's been... average, which is acceptable with a team around him.
  • With the signing of Jacquizz Rodgers, are we sure Ka'Deem Carey isn't Kim Johnsson in disguise? (If you get this reference, you get a peppermint.) At some point, the Bears will need to figure out what Carey is, and if that's "bad," it's another disappointing look at Phil Emery and Marc Trestman.
  • I feel like we've spent the last three years drafting defensive ends and linebackers, only to turn around and sign more linebackers and convert the remaining defensive ends to linebackers. If between Jared Allen, Pernell McPhee (jack of all trades though he may be), Shea McClellin, Cornelius Washington, David Bass, and Sam Acho, the Bears can't generate a pass rush or find three guys that can, things are going to go downhill quickly. Yes, I get that a 3-4 requires a lot of linebackers on roster and one more high-level one could still be coming through the draft.
  • Roberto Garza turned in ten years of service (at least 6-7 of which were very high level) after coming over from the Falcons in 2005. Pound on Jerry Angelo all you want, but Angelo pre-2007 had done a really solid job. Lovie's input may indeed have reflected worse on Angelo than Angelo's own input.
  • There are so many spots on the Bears that could use a player picked at number 7, I'm pretty sure I'd rather just see the Bears use the pick themselves and fill one of those spots for four years than trade down for multiple chances at lower guys that won't necessarily be that potential difference-maker. I'm not a big fan of Marcus Mariota, but I'm kind of hoping he's gone by 7 so we don't have to agonize over that decision. I'd love Amari Cooper, or a defensive lineman or pass rusher, or Trae Waynes, or... (Hooray, options! Also known as what you have for being a bad team!)