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SB Nation 2015 Blogger Mock Draft: The Chicago Bears take Maxx Williams in Round 2

In the first round, the Chicago Bears got their 3-4 nose tackle with the selection of Danny Shelton. In round two, we're adding a dangerous weapon on offense.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft is rolling along, and in the 2nd Round, the Chicago Bears have added another weapon on offense: 6'4, 249 pound TE Maxx Williams.

(See Round 1's pick HERE).

A tight end selection with Martellus Bennett under contract might seem unconventional, but Maxx Williams is incredibly athletic, and has very little risk involved in transitioning into the NFL.

Here are my thoughts:

After getting their much-needed nose tackle in Round 1, the Chicago Bears can afford to look on the offensive side of the ball with this pick. Only a redshirt sophomore, it wasn't immediately known whether Maxx Williams would enter this year's draft, but once the decision was made to go pro, he immediately became the best Tight End prospect among his peers.

The Chicago Bears have Martellus Bennett under contract for the next two seasons, and last year he caught just under 1,000 yards and registered six touchdown receptions-- so why take a tight end here? Three reasons:

1- The Bears recently parted ways with wide receiver Brandon Marshall, leaving only one legitimate threat in the receiving corps-- Alshon Jeffery. Williams would get worked into the passing game rather quickly, and would supplement Bennett in two tight end sets.

2- Martellus Bennett is not exactly the most stable player on the Bears roster, and started off last year's offseason with a suspension for starting a fight with rookie Kyle Fuller.

3- At this point in the draft, Williams could be considered the best player available, which has been new general manager Ryan Pace's stated philosophy over the last few weeks.

Williams is noted for his intense focus and work ethic, and has strong NFL bloodlines. His father was a former first round draft pick, and his grandfather was also an NFL player. The Bears could use another weapon on offense, and Maxx Williams would be a solid pick that could provide years' worth of dividends.

What are your thoughts on Maxx Williams in the 2nd round?