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Kevin White's first interview as a member of the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears' number one draft pick, wide receiver Kevin White, took questions last night for the first time as a professional football player. Here are some highlights from that press conference.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

After meeting with the Chicago Bears before the NFL Draft, Kevin White was very confident he'd be their pick if he was still on the board at 7. He was still there and GM Ryan Pace made him his first ever draft pick.

Last night Kevin White met the media for the first time as a Chicago Bear.

He was asked about taking over for Brandon Marshall, who was traded to the Jets this off season.

"I'm very confident. Brandon Marshall has done so much. For me to step-in and try and take his place and produce on the field is pretty big time. I'm pretty excited. I plan to do big things. I'm going to work, earn my stripes and I just want to help the team win games."

White played in West Virginia's spread offense, so he has some growing to do as a player. He was asked what he has to work on.

"Of course route running and technique. I think when I'm around NFL coaches and learn the system then I'll be fine."

In 2013 White only had 35 catches, but last year he exploded for 109. White was asked what went right last year.

"I had a healthy quarterback, first of all. My head coach, coach (Dana) Holgorsen, wanted to put the ball in my hand and I think I did a great job with that. Off the field, I just worked extremely hard. Of course it wouldn't be possible without the man upstairs, so I'm definitely blessed."

Here's White on how West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen prepared him for the NFL.

"He prepared me very well. He always talked about beating a coverage and just finding a zone, that there are soft spots in the zones. We worked all the time on deep balls and goal-line routes for jump balls. I think he prepared me very well, at least that's what I'm hoping for. He had guys like Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree and whole bunch of other guys, the list goes on. They've done a pretty good job. I'm hoping I can do a pretty good job as well."

White called his Bears meeting "special", so it's no wonder he has some familiarity with Chicago's offense.

"I'm very familiar. I know they like throwing the balls, especially deep to the big guys. When I went there for my visit, it was awesome. They explained everything, explained the route concepts. It actually seemed pretty simple but I'm going to hit the playbook hard so I can help the team win some games."

Kevin White was asked his thoughts on the city of Chicago.

"It's great, I love it. I think it's second to none, a lot cleaner, a lot better than New York. Maybe I'm a little biased because I'm from New Jersey and went to New York all the time. I love it here. It's very clean, a lot of atmosphere. I love the city."

White wasn't a 5 star recruit after high school, he had to go the junior college route, so he was asked if he considers himself a self-made man and if his work ethic will be one of his greatest strengths.

"Yes, definitely. I've been through a lot. I've never had anything given to me, not even in high school or in junior college. I had to earn everything. I basically had to wait my turn. Every time I got an opportunity I made the most of it."

Bears' fans want to know what we can expect from White in year 1, so here's what he said when asked where the Bears told him he would fit into the offense.

"When I got there and we talked, they said they want me to come in right away and basically be alongside Alshon Jeffery. They feel that will create mismatches. I'm willing to learn and do anything I have to do to get better and help this organization win some games."

White was asked his thoughts on his new QB, Jay Cutler.

"I know he's a great competitor. I know he hates losing, just like myself. He's a great quarterback. He's been doing it for a long time. He'll give you a chance downfield."

At West Virginia White lined up almost exclusively on the right side, so he was asked about adjusting to the left side as a pro.

"With me being on the right side at West Virginia, I had to adapt to only being to the right side. I actually liked the left side. I was always moved around in high school and at junior college. I had to adapt to basically be on one side. Coming to the Bears and getting moved around to the left or the right, I'll be alright just because I've done it before. I'm excited and I'm ready to get going."

He was asked when his confidence began to grow at West Virginia.

"Right when I got there. Actually, I had a lot of confidence. I was planning on leaving early, even before I played a snap in a game, because I was doing so well. It was so easy during practice that I thought the games would be like that. I had a few injuries and went through three different quarterbacks so I knew I couldn't. I mean, determination gave me a lot of confidence. I was very determined to prove a lot of people wrong."

White was asked about the moments leading up to the Bears making him the pick.

"When my agent said the pick was on the Redskins and he said the Bears were planning on taking me so be ready. When my good friend Leonard Williams went to the Jets, the Bears called my agent and put me on the phone. I was very excited, very happy. This is where I wanted to land at. I'm excited to be a Bear."

Make sure you check out the transcript from Ryan Pace's presser from last night that we posted earlier today.