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NFL Draft Day 2 Open Thread: Chicago Bears pick 39th and 71st

We are live! Join us here for full NFL Draft Day 2 coverage and keep in mind that Open Threads are rated WCG-MA.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Day 2 of the NFL Draft kicks off at 6:00pm Chicago time and the Chicago Bears are set to pick 7th overall in each round. In the 2nd round their selection will be 39th and their 3rd rounder will be the 71st overall.

I would expect some more trades to take place today as teams jockey to get into position to snag some falling stars.

In case you missed anything at Windy City Gridiron -- Our draft coverage has been top notch! -- allow me to link up some of our recent stuff.

The Bears picked wide out Kevin White in the 1st round yesterday. (LINK)

GM Ryan Pace met the media yesterday to discuss White and we have the transcript. (LINK)

Kevin White held a conference call with the media last night and we have that transcript too. (LINK)

We actually interviewed Kevin White on Wednesday at Draft Town here in Chicago. (LINK)

Speaking of Draft Town, if you are out there tonight, be on the look out for Bears Legend Dick Butkus who will be announcing Chicago's 2nd round pick at the NFL Network set in Selection Square.

We looked at some of the top prospects still available for the Bears in the 2nd round. (LINK)

And if you aren't all mock drafted out, we have a rounds 2-7 mock draft for you. (LINK)

If there's anything I missed, or you want to catch up on our player spotlights or mocks from the last few months, hit up our NFL Draft section. (RIGHT HERE!)

Once the Bears make their picks we'll have full coverage so be on the look out.