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2015 NFL Draft: 3rd Round Results (Open Thread)

The Chicago Bears will select at 71st overall this round barring no trades.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Our coverage of the 2015 NFL Draft continues as we head into the 3rd Round, and so far, most Chicago Bears fans are likely feeling pretty good with their 1st two picks.

In the 1st round (7th overall), they nabbed a big WR in 6'3, 212 pound Kevin White (West Virginia), and you can read about that HERE.

In the 2nd round, the Bears grabbed a big DT in 6'4, 320 pound Eddie Goldman, a player that many scouts had graded as a 1st round talent.  You can read about him HERE.

So far, two picks likely equals two starters, in huge positions of need for the Chicago Bears.

Where will their attention turn in the 3rd round? They have needs in their defensive backfield, but could also be looking at an edge rusher. What do you think?

This is your NFL Draft 3rd Round Open Thread... Have fun!