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NFL Power Rankings: Will the Chicago Bears be the worst team in the NFL?

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears went 10-6 in 2012, the last year with Lovie Smith at the helm. The following year, then general manager Phil Emery hired Marc Trestman to replace Lovie and the Bears fell to 8-8. Last year the Emery/Trestman regime led the Bears to a 5 win season.

Will 2015 bring another decline?

Could the Bears, under new GM Ryan Pace, new head coach John Fox, new offensive coordinator Adam Gase and new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio take another stumble down the standings?

We're starting to see 2015 NFL Power Rankings pop up around the interwebs and the Bears are usually checking in around the bottom third of teams. It's hard to make an argument for the Bears ranking any higher after finishing last in the NFC North last year, but just how far down should they be?

Could the Bears end up the worst team in the NFL?

The NFL Power Rankers at the USA Today believe it's possible. Take a look where they have the Bears ranked.

32 Chicago Bears
Remember that movie 'Unstoppable'? John Fox may need to recruit Denzel Washington to parachute in and avert this train wreck.

Dead last?

Have the six teams that finished worse than the Bears last year done so much this off season that they've passed the Bears?

The last time the Bears finished with the worst record in the NFL was 1969 when they finished 1-13. That's 46 years ago!

Do you guys think there's any chance the Bears, under a new regime, completely bottom out?