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Bears' Draft Ranked 7th Overall Per Gil Brandt's List

The Bears appear to have put together a very solid draft, and according to this measure, have a top-10 draft class to build on going forward.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

By most measures, the Bears had a pretty good draft. But just how good was it?

Per Gil Brandt's Top 100 Prospects List, the Bears had the 7th-best draft in the league. Each of their first five picks (Tayo Fabuluje in the sixth being the only one not on that list) were on that top 100 list.

Per a reverse-ordering of Brandt's list, teams got points for each player on that list. With 216 points, the Bears ranked 7th. That wasn't even the best in their division, as the Vikings ran away with first place with 290 points - 42 points more than the second place Browns.

Here's how the Bears shook out:

7. Chicago Bears: 216 points (5 players)
Overview: The Bears got five Hot 100 players, including two of the top 32 on Brandt's list. WR Kevin White was Brandt's No. 4 player and Chicago got him with the seventh pick. DT Eddie Goldman was Brandt's No. 32 player, and the Bears got him with the 39th pick. Chicago also got excellent value with RB Jeremy Langford (fourth-rounder, 106th overall) and S Adrian Amos (fifth-rounder, 142nd overall).
The players (points)
No. 4 WR Kevin White, West Virginia (97)
No. 32 DT Eddie Goldman, Florida State (69)
No. 77 C Hroniss Grasu, Oregon (24)
No. 87 RB Jeremy Langford, Michigan State (14)
No. 89 S Adrian Amos, Penn State (12)

The other two teams in the division, the Packers and Lions, didn't fare so well. Green bay finished 25th with 103 points, and the Lions were down in 28th with 94 points.

What are your thoughts on these rankings and on Brandt's prospect list?