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Five Questions With Underdog Dynasty about Jacoby Glenn

We're visiting the SB Nation college sites of the Chicago Bears' rookie class to gain some insight on their newest players. Today we'll talk to Chas Short and Mitchell Alexander of Underdog Dynasty about undrafted free agent Jacoby Glenn, a cornerback from the University Of Central Florida.

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Thanks to our being part of the SB Nation network, we have access to literally hundreds of other experts that cover both the NFL and college football.

This series of Five Questions With... will focus on not only the 2015 draft class for the Chicago Bears, but some of the undrafted free agents as well. This series of articles has become one of my favorites to do here at Windy City Gridiron, as I feel it gives us an added insight to the new players on the Bears.

This time out we're talking with Chas Short and Mitchell Alexander of Underdog Dynasty, the SB Nation site that covers some of the smaller FBS conferences, about undrafted free agent Jacoby Glenn from UCF.

Windy City Gridiron - After getting a mid-round grade by most internet scouts and draftniks, why do you think Glenn went undrafted?

Chas Short - I'll start by acknowledging that my answer is necessarily going to be speculative.

There's a lot to like about his body of work, but it's short. Glenn was a redshirt sophomore who started as soon as he got to see the field. And he was productive right away. As a redshirt freshman, he had an impressive number of passes defended. And a pair of interceptions, sacks, and forced fumbles. Then he really stepped up this past year as a redshirt sophomore - Glenn was the co-defensive player of the year for the AAC. And he was UCF's first AP All-American since Kevin Smith in 2007. The Knights had a top five defense last year and Glenn played a large role in that success.

So I've got to think a factor here was that he would have benefited with more time in school and refining his play. Some folks have criticized his instincts and some technique issues. Adding to that, his combine results didn't blow anyone away. Feels like these concerns were probably at play, especially since I don't foresee injury or character concerns here.

Mitchell Alexander - Again, to speculate, I'd have to say the reason why Glenn dropped might have had to do with his limited experience combined with a pretty solid draft class of CB's. Up against a lot of players with impressive resumes made it hard for Glenn to stand out.

WCG - Glenn played the Field Corner for UCF, can you explain what that means and did he play anywhere else in the defensive backfield during his 2 year career?

Chas Short - The field corner plays the wider side of the field (contrast to the boundary corner, who is playing on the short side of the field). Part of the notion is that while a field corner typically has to deal with a lot of space, he is not often left alone. This is where a team normally plays its better CB.

Glenn played all of 2014 at corner. And I don't recall him playing elsewhere in the backfield in 2013. Incidentally, he played safety his senior year of high school.

WCG - I've seen Glenn described as a ballhawk, but with less than ideal speed, which often times warrants a switch to safety. Is Glenn a physical and tough enough player to make such a move?

Chas Short - His reputation as a ballhawk is well-deserved. Glenn closed the regular season ranked third in the country in interceptions (with 7). And lots of passes defended.

It's funny - I was never much concerned with his speed at the college level. And I think your question forces me to confront and acknowledge that I'd want more out of my NFL corner.

As to a switch to safety, I wouldn't have concerns about his mental toughness. Glenn is intense on the field. But he is a slim guy, so the physical aspects might concern me.

WCG - Any injury or character flags Bears' fans should be concerned with?

Chas Short - Nope. He only missed one game in his college career. He didn't play at Temple in 2013 due to injury. And he started the other 25 games. I have no reason to be concerned about character either.

That was easy, wasn't it?

WCG - What are the odds Glenn can stick on an NFL roster?

Chas Short - I'd be happier answering this question if Glenn had remained at UCF for another year or two and continued to develop. But I've been impressed with his play and see the potential for good things in the future for him. To me, he feels like a player who will bounce around a bit before eventually catching on somewhere.

While Knights fans wish he had stuck around (as he initially announced he would do), we appreciate his excellent contributions to the team and wish him the best.

Mitchell Alexander - I definitely think Glenn could make an NFL roster. He plays with great intelligence and skill and with a couple of years in an NFL system he could be a great depth CB or even a starter. I would not be surprised to see him wind up in training camp and moved to a few different teams before he blooms though.

Thanks to Chas Short and Mitchell Alexander for giving us some inside stuff on Jacoby Glenn!