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NFL Draft Day 3 Open Thread: Chicago Bears Pick 106th, 142nd, and 183rd

Welcome to Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Day 3 of the NFL Draft, or the day of backups, special teamers, hidden gems, and about a million references to "Tom Brady!".

The Bears spent day one by snagging receiver Kevin White, then spent day two hitting the lines on both sides, snapping up defensive lineman Eddie Goldman and offensive lineman Hroniss Grasu. Where does day three take them? has the Bears still with needs at safety and linebacker, so we could see a defensive draft in today's remaining three picks, or we could see the Bears try to capitalize on some late value. Maybe both.

Today the Bears pick:

  • 4th Round: #7 - #106 overall
  • 5th Round: #6 - #142 overall (From Jets)
  • 6th Round: #7 - #183 overall

The Bears traded their fifth-round pick last year to trade up and pick Brock Vereen. They included this year's 7th-round pick in the trade of Brandon Marshall to pick up the Jets' fifth-rounder.

For more on yesterday's picks, here's some recommended reading for you:

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What happens today? We'll find out as the day goes on. As each pick comes, we'll get you covered, and we'll be on top of today's UDFA movement after the draft as well.

This is your Open Thread for any pre-draft festivities you may have. As always, Open Thread responsibly. Round four kicks off at 11 AM CT. Let's do this.