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Chicago Bears 2015 Draft: Jeremy Langford conference call transcript

Former Michigan State Spartan Jeremy Langford answered questions via teleconference shortly after being the 4th round pick of the Chicago Bears. Here's the transcript from that call.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Langford was asked how much communication he had with the Chicago Bears leading up to the draft and if he thought the Bears would pick him.

"No, I didn't have a feeling at all. It threw me for a loop. I think I talked to the Bears a couple of times at the Senior Bowl or the Combine. Besides that, this threw me for a loop. I had no idea. I'm glad to be here."

Before finally settling is as a running back, Langford played both cornerback and wide receiver, he was asked about that.

"At the time, when I was younger, it was a little frustrating. The older I got, it helped me out in my future game, the last two years playing. I think it helped me out in knowing the whole playbook by playing receiver and knowing defenses playing corner. I feel like it helped me in the long run. I was very excited to get back to running back to put it all together."

The 6', 208 pound Langford was asked about his running style.

"I can be balanced. I can hit the home run and at the same time get the third and shorts. I feel like I can be used in any situation on third down and be able to catch the ball out of the backfield. I'm very versatile."

And he was asked about the strengths in his game.

"Definitely picking up blitzes, like hitting linebackers in there. I was responsible for that at Michigan State a lot. I feel like I did that really well, to protect the quarterback and just catching the ball out of the backfield. I feel like that's key in the game today - to be able to have a running back that can catch the ball, I feel I can do both of those really well."

Langford was asked what his weaknesses were according to scouts.

"Running through tackles more and be able to break more tackles. Be stronger down field and run through tackles. That's pretty much what I heard a lot. I feel that's what I worked on. At the same time, I only played running back for two years. I feel I'm only getting better. The sky's the limit"

To that point, he was asked how he can improve his strength and power at the point of contact.

"I think that just comes with experience of playing running back. The more you play and can be able to make the safety miss, and be able to learn how players come down, I feel like it all comes with experience and playing time."

Matt Forte has been one the the better backs in the NFL the last few years, so Langford was asked what he knew about him.

"I watch Matt Forte a lot. That's who I watched, I see him stand-up linebackers all the time. I feel like he does it all. He catches the ball out of the backfield very well. He blocks linebackers very well. That's the one I learned a lot watching his film to be able to block linebackers. I feel he like he has the whole package."

Someone asked where Langford is watching the Draft from and what his expectations were coming into today.

"It was hard. I was home with my family watching the Draft. And hopefully I was thinking [I would get selected in] third round, but I talked to my agent and he said it should be early fourth and that's what happened. I was here with my family and my little brothers and we were all excited. It kind of caught me off guard at the time."

Here's something to keep in mind about the 2015 season. John Fox's teams have never had a problem rotating their running backs. Don't assume that Langford's addition equals a departure for Ka'Deem Carey.