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Chicago Bears 2015 Draft: Adrian Amos conference call transcript

Chicago Bears 5th round draft pick Adrian Amos fielded some questions via conference call earlier today, here's the transcript of the call.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Amos was asked how much communication he had with the Bears during the draft process how much knowledge he has about the Bears' defense.

"I really didn't talk too much with the Bears through the process. I spoke with a couple of people at the Senior Bowl. I feel like it's a good situation there to come in and compete for a position."

Amos was asked about his current skill set and what he needs to improve on.

"I played corner most of my career then moved over to safety and I've been getting better and better at safety, especially over the past year playing safety. I've played every position on the field - every skill position on the defensive-side of the field, except for Mike linebacker. I have experience playing the nickel position, the dime position, both safeties and both corners. I think my versatility, in that I can come in and you can find somewhere for me to play on the field."

The 2015 safety class was knocked by just about every pundit out there and Amos was asked his thoughts on that.

"You can't tell this is a weak class until we get on the field in the NFL. Regardless of what is said, you still have to play. There are a lot of classes that seem to be strong but don't pan out that way. Once we get on the field, we can prove what kind of talent this class has."

With so much experience at corner, Amos was asked what prompted his move to safety.

"Mostly it was a team need. I played many positions. We had sanctions at school. I just moved around in the secondary. If we needed help at a position, I moved to that position. I've always done whatever my team needed me to do to help to the team."

At the NFL Combine Amos ran a 4.56 forty, but at his pro day he ran a 4.39. He was asked about the discrepancy in times.

"Just a different run. I always run what I ran at my Pro Day, around there. I always usually run that. The Combine, there were different circumstances. I don't put too much into the 40-yard dash. On the field, as long you can run with everybody and I feel like I can run anybody."

He was asked about the different circumstances at the combine in Indianapolis.

"You're in an unfamiliar place. You're waking up at four o'clock in the morning. It's a lot of different things that come into it. And the practicing the 40, I focused in and actually practiced a technique of the 40 before my Pro Day and got a better time."

If you've been paying attention to the news, you're well aware of the situation in Baltimore. Amos was asked how feels about what is going on there in his hometown.

"I feel that some bad things happened, but I feel a lot of good is going to come out of it. If anything, it opened a lot of people's eyes. A lot of people are watching. But I want them to see the good side of Baltimore. I want them to see we're coming together. We want equality for everyone and we just want everything to be better. I want it to be smooth so people can respect the police and the police respect all people."

Amos was asked what his best asset is and if he can come in and help the Bears right away.

"I feel like my best asset is my coverage. I can cover the slot, cover tight ends, cover outside receivers. I feel like as a DB you have to be able to cover and should be the No. 1 thing that you have in your repertoire to be able to cover. I feel like I would help a lot in that regard."

Amos remarked that his father is a police office in Baltimore and he was asked if that has changed his outlook on what has happened there.

"No. And like I said, my father wasn't always a police officer. That's his job. He was down there in the middle of it during the riots and things like that but it doesn't deter me either way on the subject that is being fought for. I just want there to be justice either way. Whether who's right and who's wrong, I don't know because I don't know the full story. So I don't really get too much into it. I just want there to be justice and for everybody to come together and build Baltimore up instead of tearing it down."

Bears 2nd year pro Kyle Fuller is also from Baltimore, so Amos was asked if he played against him in high school.

"Yes. He played for Mt. Saint Joe and I played for Calvert Hall. We are in the same conference."

Here's what he remembers about Fuller as a high school player.

"He was real good. He actually worked out with us. I worked out with him. I know his brothers also. He was always a good player. He was always smooth. He always could cover. A lot of us in Baltimore, we've been around each other for a long time so it's good to be able to play with him."

Since Amos played in the Big 10 at Penn State, he was asked to give a scouting report of new Bears RB Jeremy Langford, who played at Michigan State and was drafted one round before Amos.

"Scouting report? He's a good running back. He is a smooth runner. He knows how to run the ball. He was pretty tough when we played against him. He's a good football player."

Amos was asked if he heard from scouts that he needs to improve his tackling and run support.

"No, I still to this day try to figure out where that comes from because a couple of years ago my knock was that I wasn't good in coverage but I will hit you and that's what I would do. I would come up and hit you and I was a good tackler and then out of nowhere it was speculation that I couldn't tackle just this past year. I just want to work on getting better every day I can get better at everything. I can get better at tackling, better at wrapping up, better in coverage. I can improve in all aspects in the game. I'm still young, still learning the game. I feel like there's no ceiling."

Amos will compete for playing time with another former Big 10 player, last years mid round draft pick Brock Vereen.

What are your thoughts on Amos?