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The Weekend Bears Den: May 23, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

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Who will be most improved Bears player? - Is-Hub Arkush: The Bears have put Jay Cutler in situations where he was destined to fail ever since he got here, and this is the first time he could be set up to succeed.

Roster analysis: Quarterback - Jeff Dickerson: Jimmy Clausen appears to be secure in the primary backup role, with David Fales, UDFA Shane Carden, and Pat Devlin fighting for a potential 3rd QB spot.

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Roster analysis - Football Outsiders with a look at the biggest weakness left on each NFCN team's roster: You can pick your poison with cornerback or safety here, and unfortunately the Bears will have to.

Jennings wants a role in Bears secondary, not a secondary role - Dan Wiederer: Bears coaching staff believes it can tap into Tim Jennings' toughness, athleticism and instincts and carve out a role that works well for both sides.

UDFA safety Anthony Jefferson thinks he's a fit with Bears - Product of Hub's Seed: A lot of teams were interested in signing former UCLA safety Anthony Jefferson as a priority free agent after the draft, but he chose Chicago as the right fit based on opportunity and coaching.

Second year spotlight: NFC North - Greg Gabriel includes Kyle Fuller and Ego Ferguson among his second year players who should begin to become regular contributors in 2015.

Tight ends quickly form strong bond - Larry Mayer: The Bears have eight on the roster, but their meeting room doesn't feel cramped because they've quickly formed a strong bond.

[Video] - Is-Hub Arkush: While they may not benefit much from the change to the PAT, it could hurt the Bears, especially when they face some of the best inside runners in the NFL this season.

Bears fans use correct grammar - Blair Sheade: The Bears fans have the 10th-best grammar among the 32 NFL teams, albeit still only third in the NFC North.

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Know thy enemy: Packers - Elliot Harrison: The Packers' offseason has been mostly splash-free, dominated by the retention of key pieces like Randall Cobb. Did they do enough? All-time team.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Former agent Joel Corry: Jerry Jones' recent statements about being open to giving up a 2016 first-round pick for a running back could lead Adrian Peterson's agent to resurrect his demand to be traded if the Vikings continue to stand their ground.


Possibly The Sugarcubes' finest moment, with Björk at her most pixielike.