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Ray McDonald released by Chicago Bears after yet another arrest for domestic violence

Former 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald continues his pattern of poor decision-making, being arrested for violence against women for a third time in nine months.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Well, so much for a slow news day.  Former San Francisco 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald, who was signed by the Chicago Bears to a low-cost one-year deal has been arrested on charges of domestic violence and child endangerment, according to Santa Clara police.

The 30 year old veteran was previously arrested on August 31st on suspicion of felony domestic violence, but was not charged over the incident, nor has anything concrete come from the allegation of sexual assault levied at him by a woman on December 16th.  The 49ers released him the very next day, with general manager Trent Baalke explaining the decision being to McDonald exhibiting a "pattern of poor decision making."

The Bears signed McDonald in late March despite chairman George McCaskey initially ruling out such a move, after McDonald flew to Chicago to meet with him and to give his side of the story.  General manager Ryan Pace also leaned heavily on the word of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who previously coached McDonald in San Francisco and also vouched for him.

There was plenty of criticism of the signing at the time, but at least the Bears were sensible enough to protect themselves in terms of the contract, enabling them to cut him without issue, but the bigger blow will be to that of the reputations and credibility of the decision-makers at the top of Bears' management.

George McCaskey sold McDonald's signing to Virginia, but it's hard to see him smooth-talking this past the Bears matriarch even if he wanted to; it's also difficult to see McDonald escaping Roger Goodell's attention yet again for a third incident of violence towards a woman in the space of nine months.

We'll have more news as it breaks, including if (when?) McDonald's short time as a member of the Chicago Bears is cut short.  Air your views in the comments below.