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The Bears Den: May 26, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

Not much going on in Bears news... oh hey, Brian Urlacher just turned 37. Enjoy retirement, big fella!

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Bears release McDonald after arrest - Larry Mayer: The Bears on Monday released Ray McDonald hours after the veteran DE was arrested in Santa Clara, Calif., and charged with domestic violence and child endangerment.

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Bears release Ray McDonald after arrest; reaction and fallout

Ray McDonald arrested on domestic violence charge - Jeff Dickerson: McDonald, who rents an apartment in Santa Clara for his former fiancee and baby, went out with friends Sunday night and asked the woman to leave when he decided to return to the apartment.

Bears cut Ray McDonald after domestic violence arrest - Patrick Finley: It took the Bears less than six hours Monday to release Ray McDonald after his arrest, but will take longer for the team to distance itself from the decision to sign him only 62 days earlier.

Bears release McDonald after arrest on domestic violence charge - Rich Campbell: Ray McDonald's arrest and subsequent release leaves those who vouched for him to contemplate their lost gamble. George McCaskey addresses signing at the time it was made.

Bears' decision to sign Ray McDonald backfires - Jeff Dickerson: This wasn’t a football decision. This was a character decision, and there was no way for the Bears to allow him back after he made the team look foolish for supporting him.

Ryan Pace's unnecessary risk backfires on Bears - Brad Biggs: The Ray McDonald experiment didn't cost the Bears any money, but he did plenty of damage. Ray McDonald's legal timeline.

George McCaskey's mistake culminates in McDonald's release - David Haugh: Ray McDonald only signed a one-year, $1.05 million contract, but the Bears had more credibility invested than money. If Virginia McCaskey was "pissed off" watching the Bears look bad last season, how mad must she be seeing the brand unnecessarily damaged?

Bears shed McDonald, but not their own blame in this mess - Steve Rosenbloom: The Bears' decision-makers didn't need to put themselves in a situation that risks making the franchise look insensitive and stupid.

Decision to sign troubled McDonald blows up in McCaskey's face - Rick Morrissey: Sunday’s arrest has exposed George McCaskey either as a disingenuous owner who talks about character and knowingly goes the other way, or as someone who is as naïve as a puppy.

McCaskey sends strongest possible 'accountability' message, again - Moon Mullin: For the second time in barely five months, the Bears chairman has paid much more than cursory lip service to the notion of "accountability."

In terms of credibility, this was costly for Bears - Mike Imrem: Ray McDonald blew smoke at George McCaskey, and now Halas Hall is burning.

Stupid Bears got conned - Dan Bernstein: Remember when George said his mother Virginia was "pissed off" by the team losing games? It would be nice to know she’s even more angry about this – a royal screw-up any way you look at it.

Bears had no choice but to release McDonald - Is-Hub Arkush: But before you rush to judgment of George McCaskey, Ryan Pace and the Bears organization, do yourself a favor and look up the story of Brian Banks.

Ray McDonald domestic violence arrest reflects on Bears - Doug Farrar: When you get down to brass tacks, the NFL's real code of conduct is "don't get caught."

Bears responsible for message they sent to McDonald and other players - Julie DiCaro: The NFL’s supposedly tough stance against domestic violence is meaningless unless the front offices, as well as the players, are held to account for their role in protecting abusers.

Punish Bears for Ray McDonald's latest arrest - Nancy Armour: If the NFL wants the good work it's done over the last year to combat domestic violence to actually mean something, it has to go after the owners and GMs who have long enabled them.

Kyle Long tweets 'good riddance' after Bears release McDonald - (CSNChicago): It would seem within reason to wonder if Long had similar feelings when the Bears signed McDonald earlier this offseason.

[Video] SportsTalk Live - How poorly does Ray McDonald signing reflect upon Ryan Pace?

[Video] - Mark Potash on Ray McDonald situation.

[Video] - Jason McKie's thoughts on McDonald situation.


McDonald release creates big 'now what?' problem for Bears - Moon Mullin: Now the Bears face the unenviable task of filling in a gaping hole that they’d hoped was set. What are their in-roster options?

Roster analysis: Defensive back - Jeff Dickerson: Kyle Fuller is the Bears’ top playmaker in the secondary, while Tim Jennings needs to rebound after a mediocre 2014.

Players with plenty to prove in 2015 - Ryan Wilson: The Bears and Jay Cutler are stuck in a loveless marriage because it's too expensive to part ways; both sides will have to make the best of it for at least another year.

Photos - On Brian Urlacher's 37th birthday, takes a look back at the linebacker's legendary NFL career.

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OTAs an opportunity to make big strides in development for 2nd-year pros - Matt Bowen: This is the time on the NFL calendar when second-year pros start to play with more confidence, more speed and more awareness on the field as their development takes a major jump forward.

Know thy enemies - Bucky Brooks ranks the NFL's most talented teams, leaving aside the QB, and includes the Packers and Vikings among his top 10.