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Poll Of The Day: Should the Chicago Bears give Martellus Bennett a raise?

Chicago Bears tight end Martellus hasn't shown up to any of the voluntary workouts as he seeks a new contract. Do you think the Bears should meet his demands?

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Last season the Chicago Bears' Martellus Bennett led all tight ends in receptions with 90. He also had the 3rd most receiving yards at his position, 916, and his 6 touchdowns were tied for 7th most at TE.

In 2015 Bennett's base salary is $4.9 million, which ranks 5th at the position. When Martellus signed his 4 year deal in 2013, it included $5,125,000 in guaranteed money. That guaranteed cash now ranks 18th among tight ends.

If you look at the contract situation from the player's perspective, the 28 year old Bennett, who just played in his first Pro Bowl, feels he has to capitalize on his recent success and parlay that into more cash.

If you take the team's stance into perspective, the player should honor the contract he was given.

Bennett hasn't been around this off season for the Chicago Bears, missing Phase 1, Phase 2 and the beginning of Phase 3. So far everything team related has been voluntary, with the first mandatory attendance expected on June 16th for a three day minicamp.

There haven't been any contract demands made publicly, but it's been reported that the reason Bennett has been working out at Brandon Marshall's training facility. instead with his teammates at Halas Hall, is a desire for a raise.

Do you think the Bears should re-do Bennett's contract when he still has two years remaining on his current deal?