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Chicago Blackhawks vs Anaheim Ducks: Game 7 Open Thread

The winner advances to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks have advanced to the Conference Finals 5 of the last 7 years, and tonight are in as big of a Game 7 as they have ever been.

While facing the #1 seed Ducks, the Blackhawks are facing critics that have claimed they are on the back-end of their runs; that they won't have too much left in the tank after 2015.

Chicago sports fans are already on edge, with the Bears making yet another offseason overhaul of their front office and coaching staff, and the Bulls' firing of Tom Thibodeau this week.

What will tonight's Game 7 hold? Will it be another Overtime (or double or triple)?  Will they continue onto the Finals with their critics in the dust?  One thing is for certain: The 'Hawks have plenty of playoff experience on their roster to handle the stress and play under the spotlight.

This if your Chicago Blackhawks Game 7 Open Thread... Have fun!