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The Chicago Bears have the worst roster in the NFC North

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Chicago Bears finished 5-11, last place in the NFC North and there were only 6 teams that ended the year with a worse record than the Bears. If we were going to try to rank Chicago's 2015 roster, we'd go no higher than the bottom third of the league. There's just not enough proven talent in Chicago to warrant anything higher.

Pro Football Focus has been doing some stuff with ESPN Insider and they recently ranked the rosters of all 32 teams. Number one, making it two years in a row, the Seattle Seahawks. The team coming in 2nd may turn the stomachs of Bears fans, but it's hard to argue with the talent on the Green Bay Packers, especially considering PFF rewards teams that have an excellent QB situation.

PFF has Chicago's roster behind the other NFC North teams as well. Here's where they have the Bears;

25. Chicago Bears

2014 Ranking: 15

Top five players: Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett, Pernell McPhee, Kyle Long, Jeremiah Ratliff

Starters who should be upgraded: Kyle Fuller, Jordan Mills, Dante Rosario

Analysis: The Bears' roster has seen a ton of turnover, but it's perhaps most defined by the quarterback who stuck around: Jay Cutler. He is a talented but hugely flawed passer who can range from awful to very good, depending on his ability to fit within the offense and jive with the coaching staff. Chicago's offensive line (aside from right tackle Mills) has the potential to be very good, as does its group of skill position players.

The defense will debut a new-look 3-4 this year, and while talent seems to be there, plenty of question marks remain. The Bears have the look of a roster only midway through a rebuilding project.

There could be an issue if Top-5 player Martellus Bennett decides to hold out for a new deal, because the cupboard is certainly bare behind him. In regards to their other Top-5 picks, I'm really excited to see the development of Jeffery, McPhee and Long under the new coaching staff, but Ratliff will need to prove he can stay healthy.

While I agree Kyle Fuller holds down a starting spot that needs an upgrade, I don't think he needs to be replaced. Fuller had some rookie issues, as do most 1st year corners, so I expect his play to trend upwards in 2015.

I addressed the Jordan Mills situation in this week's Ten Thoughts and if the Bears are counting on Dante Rosario to play starter's reps, that's a problem in its own right.

Since the article is behind a pay wall, we can't show you the entire thing, but I will list the teams that came in below the Bears.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars
31) Atlanta Falcons
30) Tennessee Titans
29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
28) Oakland Raiders
27) Washington Redskins
26) Houston Texans

What are your thoughts on PFF's ranking for the Bears?

If anyone believes they should be higher I'd love to hear that argument.