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Poll of The Day: Should the Chicago Bears move Kyle Long to tackle?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There's no doubt that Chicago Bears Pro Bowl right guard Kyle Long has the athletic traits necessary to play tackle. He has nimble feet, good lateral quickness and the necessary strength to play anywhere along the offensive line. The only thing that could hold him back is technique.

Long played less than a season at Oregon and his technique at right guard still comes and goes with the Bears, but during the final OTA this week, Long was getting some reps at right tackle.

The reason he kicked outside; There were a few offensive tackles sitting out practice, so the opportunity was there to throw Long at a new spot to get his feet wet.

Long has stated a desire to remain at guard, but he's also been quoted in wanting to play tackle.

I have a feeling Kyle Long would do anything he's asked, but the competitive nature in him could crave a move to what is perceived to be a more demanding position, left tackle. It's also the spot on the o-line that receives the bigger pay day, so that could factor in as well.

For now, head coach John Fox claims Long is their starting guard, but things could change.

If the Bears are contemplating a permanent move to tackle, then give Long all the mini camp and training camp reps out there so he can hone his technique. There's different muscle memory involved with the move, which is something Long himself tweeted about just this morning.

I think Long should remain at right guard, but if he has shown the proper growth as a player this off season, and if the Bears' coaches feel he's ready to move from a technique standpoint, and if the team has a more than serviceable player ready to step in at right guard, then it's probably the best thing for the franchise to move him.

Vote in the poll and give us your reasoning in the comment section.