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Watch the Packers lose in the latest Madden NFL 16 Trailer

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

If you're like many Chicago Bears fans, including us Superfans, your two favorite teams are the beloved boys in Navy and Orange and anyone playing the Green Bay Packers.

We revel in seeing the Pack lose almost as much as we carry on when our Monsters Of The Midway pick up a W. Unfortunately our Ws have come less frequent than those of our enemies to the North.

It's been a rough stretch the last, oh, I guess the last 20 years or so, with our Bears only making that 2006 Super Bowl run that ended very poorly. What makes it even worse is how good Green Bay has been in that time. I refuse to get into detail, but any self-respecting Bears' fan knows the gory details already and they share our pain.

One thing we've done to claim our sanity these last few years is to spend the off season playing video games, or more specifically playing the yearly incarnations of the Madden NFL series, or even more specifically, playing Madden as the Bears whilst we beat the ever loving crap out of the Packers.

Running through franchise mode going undefeated as the beloved is almost cathartic. You may think going 16-0 after 16-0 after 16-0 after 16-0 after 16-0 would get boring, but surprisingly it's not. We only have one rule, no Bears running back is allowed to cross the 16,725 yards mark.

That would just be disrespectful to Walter.

Once we get a back to the 16,725 mark, we sit him on the bench and trade him for some draft picks when the opportunity arises. It's not the most efficient or realistic way to run a franchise, but it works for us.

Which brings us to the point, we really got a kick out of the latest trailer for Madden NFL 16. It started out stomach-turning, but the ending was beautiful to watch, The only sad thing about this trailer is that the team beating the Packers in gut-wrenching fashion wasn't our soon to be Super Bowl 50 winners. And that winning SB50 team is a certain team led by a certain Foxy head coach with a penchant for taking teams to the Super Bowl and with his latest job having a 3rd-times-the-charm kind of feel to it, it almost makes the 2015 season anticlimactic, but we'll gladly enjoy the ride with Fox, Fangio and Gase anyway as they take our Beloved Bears to San Francisco for the eventual hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy as they become the Champions of the Football World.

But anyway, it's the Giants beating the Packers, so enjoy the trailer...