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30 Day Challenge: Which Chicago Bears Team Was Your Favorite?

Every day this month we've been posing a different question about the Chicago Bears. Today's no different.

F*** it, i'm going deep.
F*** it, i'm going deep.
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Generally, individual teams are remarkable for the one season they exist, and then they're gone into the annals of franchise history. Once in a while though, a team does something or has some quality that makes us remember them for some reason. A magical playoff run, a weird statistical anomaly, some character, just something that sticks. So for today's question in WCG's 30 Day Challenge, we ask...

Day 17: Which Bears team is or was your favorite?

For me, it's going to be the '06-'07 team with Rex Grossman at the helm. You all will remember it as the team that lost the Super Bowl to Peyton Manning and the Colts.

It's my favorite because of what that team was - an outstanding defense, a strong running attack, and an offense that also offered the threat of a passing game. Rex Grossman may not have fully panned out after his legs were destroyed early in his career; however, he still could sling it from the pocket.

Now, I turn it to you - which team was your favorite?

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