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Day 21: Bears Player to Have a Beer With

We take a turn for the truly whimsical on Day 21 of our 30 Day Challenge, and crack one open with the current or former Bears player of your choice.

Not pictured: Kyle Orton (left) about to steal this beer delivery.
Not pictured: Kyle Orton (left) about to steal this beer delivery.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As we creep into the final third of our 30 Day Challenge, we want to know which current or former Bears player you'd most want to have a beer with.  Having actually had the chance to crack one open with Steve McMichael and Dan Hampton at various points thanks to my work with WCG, I would recommend both as good options should you ever have the opportunity to turn wish into reality.  Since I'm not sure that "I've had a beer with Mongo ha ha losers" is the best answer to this question, however, let's dig into some options...

Historical: George Halas would be a tempting option, but given his reputation, I'd probably be on the hook for the full tab and tip - not an ideal choice.

Whimsical: A beer or two and a Lamborghini ride with Lance Briggs could be fun, right?  Just be sure to put on your seatbelt!

Mythical: To name a few of the many, many legendary Bears, Walter Payton, Dick Butkus, or Mike Ditka would be fine options if only to shake their hand.  With Ditka, however, he probably opt for a Ditka-brand wine over a cold PBR.

In the final analysis, if I was going to have a beer with any current or former Bear, I'd want the conversation to center around what it always does when Bears fans are gathered and adult beverages are plentiful - complaining about the Bears.  And with that as my deciding factor, there is one preeminent option - Doug Buffone.

For those of you who had ever listed to Doug Buffone's post-game radio shows, you are certainly aware at the level of passion he felt for the game of football and his beloved Bears.  There was no former player more outspoken than Buffone when it came to both the joys and pains of Bears fandom, and you could always count on that passion shining through in his radio shows, win or loss.  Indeed, in even the worst moments that the Bears have been through as of late, Buffone's post-game diatribes against both Lovie, Trestman, and their players were always pure entertainment even when the games themselves were anything but.  When it comes to naming a current or former Bear who liked his beers cold and his conversation fiery, Doug Buffone is #1 on my list.

What'll you have and who ya got, WCG?  Let us know the Bear you'd like to have a beer with (or, if you're a lucky dog like me, the Bear[s] you have had a beer with) in the comments.