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Jay Cutler loves Chicago!

Jeff Schear/Getty Images

Earlier this month Jay Cutler's wife, Kristin Cavallari, caused a mini-brouhaha amongst Chicago Bears' fans when she remarked that "Chicago's just not home," when discussing future plans for her family.

In a June 8th interview with Elle magazine, Cavallari hit on a number of topics, including the desire to move to Nashville, Tennessee -- Cutler played collegiately at Vanderbilt University which is located in Nashville -- once her hubby's career is over. Her Chicago comment wasn't a shot at the city, but sports radio was aflutter with fans griping about her anti-Chicago sentiment.

Thankfully Jay Cutler has finally weighed in on this topic.

While at Jim Harbaugh's football camp in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cutler was asked his feelings on the city of Chicago.

"We have family in Chicago,"

"We have a house in Chicago. Our roots are in Chicago."

"We love being there."

He loves it!

Phew... Case closed.

We know Cutler isn't going anywhere this year and unless he's really, really bad under the new coaching staff, he's probably not going anywhere in 2016 ($10 million of that year is already guaranteed).

His contract does run through 2020, but in 2017 his contract is easily cuttable.

So it looks like Jay has at least a couple more years to love Chicago.