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30 Day Challenge: Who is your least favorite current Chicago Bear?

We roll on with Day 24 discussing a player on the roster who maybe we're not as big a fan of. It's all in good fun. Mostly.

Hmm. This is Senorise Perry.
Hmm. This is Senorise Perry.
David Banks/Getty Images

I have a bit of a question for Senorise Perry:

What would you say you do here?


He scored a game-winning touchdown in the preseason once. That's legit, I guess.

I think my primary gripe is that out of the box in Madden, he's slotted as the primary returner. Which is nuts. Granted, at the time of game publish, nobody had any idea who would be doing anything for the Chicago Bears.  It also turned out that nobody coaching the Chicago Bears would apparently have any idea who would be doing anything for the team, either. With this status, it all but killed my return game because, against all odds, he remained a highly rated returner through multiple roster updates. I only play online head-to-head, so I'm limited somewhat but I'd always try to bury him on the depth chart as far as I could.

So yeah, this is a mostly irrational one. In 16 games, Perry returned the ball 4 times for about 88 yards, and he made 1 catch for -1.  He's a rookie, playing behind Forte and a 4th rounder. I wouldn't expect to see him on the field that much, and I don't even begrudge him those stats because if I had tried it I would be dead. I would be a dead person because some big dudes would have hit me and I would have crumbled.

There's others I'm sure I could probably grow to not like, but for some reason Perry's name sticks out. And he seems like a nice enough dude. Just as a football player, especially in his digital form, I say, "NO THANK YOU."

Now it's your turn - who do you most not like, and what insane reason do you have?