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30 Day Challenge: Favorite place to watch the game

Every day in the month of June we'll ask a different Chicago Bears related question to our readers. Make sure you guys participate the entire month so we can all get to know the WCG community a little better.

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Day 4: Where is your favorite place to watch the games?

I'm a huge fan of the Chicago Bears, but I'm not a big fan of drunken jackwaggons. Which is why when it comes to watching a game, I'd rather do it from the comfort of my living room, alone.

Seeing the Bears live at Soldier Field is a fun experience, but not one I'd want to do more than once a year (if that). Watching a game at a bar is something I only do if I have no other options. Going to a party or having friends over for the game just isn't my thing.

It's not that I'm antisocial (well maybe a little), it's just that I prefer to enjoy a game without any distractions. No one asking me questions during a game, no one wanting to chit chat during a game, no one giving me their obviously wrong takes on the game.

I don't want to miss a snap and if I'm forced to listen to you tell me why the Bears shoulda done this or shoulda done that, I may be forced to throw you off my balcony.

Watching a game in person does have one advantage. I'm able to see the entire field and there's just something about seeing a safety bite on a run fake while a wide out sneaks down the seam. Seeing an entire play develop is a thing of beauty that TV doesn't always capture.

Now it's your turn, where do you prefer to watch the game? And if you have a good story about a game watching experience, please share!

Make sure you participate in the entire 30 Day Challenge!

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