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30 Day Challenge: Least Favorite Bear of All Time

Every day in the month of June we'll ask a different Chicago Bears related question to our readers. Make sure you guys participate the entire month so we can all get to know the WCG community a little better.

David Terrell, moments before dropping the would-be touchdown, probably.
David Terrell, moments before dropping the would-be touchdown, probably.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Day 5: Who is your least favorite Bear of all-time?

We all have our favorites. Many of the 30 Day Challenges will be about favorites, in fact they already have been: favorite place to watch, favorite memory, favorite WR.

But, as adults we all know, the world is not all sunshine and rainbows. People suck. Teams suck. Coaches suck. Players suck.

And if you're like me and came of age during the 1990s and really got into sports in the early aughts, then you have seen your fair share of sucky, crappy, terrible football players.

For Walter Payton there was Curtis Enis. For Kyle Long there was Gabe Carimi. For Jim McMahon there was Cade McNown.

Everyone has a player they don't like. Maybe you don't want to use the word "hate" but when I use it, it's more in the realm of "sports hate." I don't hate the guy personally maybe, but I just don't like how he plays or that he's not very good, or that he plays really well against my team. But I digress.

The last thirty years of Bears history has a lot of truly awful, bad, no good players to choose from.

Who was your least favorite?

It could be tough because I remember so many of the draft busts, I remember as a little kid trying to absorb as much about the Bears as I could but not knowing anything about football. I always wanted the draft picks to pan out and they never seemed to.

To make matters worse, my brother got into sports before me and became a Packers fan and loved to rub it in my face when I didn't know the players, or who was good or not.

That became my motivation to really stop being a bandwagon/casual fan and start actually paying attention. And when I did there was one player I came to absolutely loathe.

David Terrell.

Terrell is easily my least favorite Bear of all time. When I really got into the Bears in '01, I really thought Terrell was going to be the guy. The high draft pick, the lofty expectations, all that.

And then he sucked. He dropped passes and he was usually in the news for not so good reasons. And he always came off like a diva d-bag too. He made headlines off the field for traffic violations and other garbage, but I always seem to remember him getting penalized for celebrating and stuff on the field. I would scream "Dude, you're not even that GOOD!" And that was on the slight occasion he would actually catch the dang ball.

After the infuriating 2004 5-11 season the Bears mercifully cut him and I was so, so happy. He never caught another NFL pass.

He's continued to make headlines for his off-field antics, whether it is domestic abuse or, most recently, drug charges. Oh and he also calls the authors of articles calling him a bust to say that he just had bad QBs.

He neglects to mention that he was targeted 90 times and caught 42 passes.

Grade-A jerk. Easily my least favorite Bear. But hey, maybe he'll call me I guess? I suppose he has free time since he beat the drug rap. Hopefully he doesn't drop the phone.

Who is your least favorite Bear? (Be gentle: This isn't an open thread)

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