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The Superfans recap the 30 Day Chicago Bears Challenge

The leader of the Superfans, the Chicagocentric Bill Swerski, gathered his troops together (Pat Arnold, Carl Wollarski and Todd O'Connor) to pour over our Chicago Bears 30 Day Challenge and give us their one of a kind thoughts.

Mike Powell/Getty Images

Before we get things kicked off with how we feel about things, we wanted to shoot out some kudos for a job well done on the Chicago Bears 30 Day Challenge. So to Les Wilfongs, Sammy Houshholder, Steve Ronkowski (Now that's a good Polish name!), Stevie Sweikhurts and Kev H (Why is his last name simply a letter?), we want to say thanks for filling the month of June with some Monster-Of-The-Midway sized joy.

We also want to thanks the millions of Bears' fans for dropping by the comment section to spew your Chicago love on the masses.

Thanks everybody.

But now on to the business at hand and our business is threefold.

1 - Just because we don't have the time to write as much as some of the other Windy City contributors, there's no reason to exclude us from partaking in the festivities. We should have been assigned a few days of the Challenge, I mean, come on, there were THIRTY of them, you editors couldn't throw us a bone or two?

2 - While we appreciate the cooperation from our fellow WCG members in trying to fill the various comment sections with well thought out anwsers, most of you simply got it wrong. Some of you got it so wrong that we logged off Windy City Gridiron, then logged back on, in hopes that your obviously wrong answers would have disappeared.

3 - Since most of you got it wrong (We still can't believe how wrong some of you were!), we'll give you all the right answers to the entire 30 Day Challenge right now!

Editor: There were no right or wrong answers in the 30 Day Challenge, It was just a fun exercise for us Bear fans to share our opinions and hopefully get to know each other a little better. Thanks to everyone who participated. Also in case you missed any of the Challenge, just click on the links below.

Day 1: Earliest Chicago Bears Memory - This one is actually unanimous amongst all us Superfans as we all shared the same lullaby from our parents. While just a newborn Superfan, our Moms and Dads would sing us to sleep with the heavenly words from the great Russian songwriter Jerry Downs.

Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory;
Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.
We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T-formation.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown.
You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down.

Pat actually had some very progressive parents because they sang this lovely song to him whilst he was still in the womb. That Pat sure was a lucky fetus.

Day 2: Favorite Bears Memory - January 26, 1986

Day 3: All Time favorite Bears Wide Receiver - Tom Waddle may have never tasted the sweet victory of a Championship, but he sure as Hell should be everybody's favorite wide receiver. The grit. The determination. The never say die attitude that triumphed in the face of adversity that Tommy Waddle showed makes him the only correct answer for this question.

Day 4: Favorite Place to Watch the Bears - While Soldier Field is an obvious treat, there's one thing it has that we don't agree with. A last call. So our favorite place to watch the game is anywhere that doesn't try to restrict our alcohol consumption.

Day 5: Least Favorite Bear of All Time - Blasphemers. There is no such thing as a least favorite Bear. For those of you with children, do you have a least favorite?

Well, now that we think about it, Todd has a few kids and it's common knowledge which one is his least favorite. But for the rest of you, there is no such thing as a least favorite.

Check that. We would have accepted Sam Hurd.

Day 6: All Time favorite Bears quarterback - This answer could have gone one of two ways, Sid Luckman is the only Hall Of Fame QB to play his entire career as a Bear, which makes him a Legend in Navy and Orange. Or Jim McMahon, who motivated cats and he liked to tease and he played so cool he aimed to please.

Also oddly enough, Todd would have accepted Henry Burris as a correct answer.

Day 7: If the Bears could retire one more number... - #89

Day 8: All Time Favorite Bears Running Back - Stop yourself. Walter Payton is the correct answer. However Carl was always fond of Gale Sayers, so we would have accepted that one as a 1b to Payton's 1a.

Day 9: All Time Favorite Bears Tight End - You seriously have to ask?

Day 10: If you could take 1 historical Bear to place on the current roster... - We would have accepted the following in no particular order; Sweetness, Sayers, Ditka, Butkus, Bronko, Atkins, Dent, Hampton, Singletary, George, Stydahar, Luckman or the Galloping Ghost. I guess I suppose some of you got this one right.

Day 11: All Time Favorite Bears Special Teamer - Patrick Mannelly or Devin Hester would suffice.

Day 12: All Time favorite Chicago Bears coach - Papa Bear or Da Coach are the only two correct answers. Anyone that answered otherwise, please turn in your Bears card.

Day 13: Most hated opposing player of all time - Anyone that selected someone who wore piss yellow and puke green is OK in our book.

Day 14: Most hated opposing coach of all time - Anyone that selected someone who coached players that wore piss yellow and puke green is OK in our book.

Day 15: Most Respected Opposing Player of All Time - While we respect all the opponents of the Chicago Bears in the name of good sportsmanship, we'd still like to see them all kiss our collective asses. So we have equal respect for them all, but equally want them to take a 3,301 foot walk on Navy Pier.

Day 16: Favorite current Chicago Bears player - If you didn't pick Kyle Long, I question if you've been watching the games.

Day 17: Favorite Bears team of All Time - We wrote this on January 26th, 2015; Happy Anniversary to the Greatest Team in the History of Great Teams

Day 18: All Time favorite Bears linebacker - The 4 of us were split on acceptable answers, with Pat going old school with Dick Butkus, Carl going real old school with Bill George, Todd going recent with Brian Urlacher and myself talking Samauri Mike Singletary, but after careful consideration, we've come to a consensus that the only acceptable answer at this time is Doug Buffone.

RIP My Friend...

Day 19: The free agent that got away - Honestly speaking, any free agent that left the Beloved is dead to us. How's about showing some loyalty and sticking around the greatest team on God's Green Earth?

Day 20: Current player you wish the Bears had on their roster - Oh Wow. This one sure is a dilemma, because as previously stated we have respect for the players on the other 31 teams, but we've never really thought about them in this particular way. You know in the 10 Bears' Commandments it clearly states: Thou shall not covet your neighbor's players.

Day 21: Bears Player to Have a Beer With - As you can probably expect, we'd have a beer with just about anybody, but we've heard about one particular member of the Bears organization that could drink anyone under the table, so we'd love to throw a few down with Virginia McCaskey.

Day 22: All time favorite Bears offensive lineman - There have been a lot of baddass o-linemen that have come through Chicago, but until Jimbo Covert takes his rightful place in the Hall Of Fame, we'll continue to trumpet his cause.

Day 23: All time favorite Bears defensive lineman - We'd have accepted any of the Bear Hall Of Fame D-Linemen on this, but also Chris Zorich and Jim Flanigan.

Day 24: Least favorite current Chicago Bear - Least favorite Bear? We can't answer this, but we sure as Hell know what our least favorite question was in the 30 Day Challenge.

Day 25: Most overrated Bears player of all time - We didn't understand the question.

Day 26: Change one moment in Bears history - Mike Ditka never shoulda been fired after the 1992 season. You simply do not not fire a Chicago Legend. Da Coach was about to turn things around and he shoulda been allowed to right the ship before walking off into the sunset on his own terms after leading the Beloved back to the promised land.

Day 27: Most painful Bears moment - At the start of Super Bowl XLI I'm sure we all remember Devin Hester racing to a 92 yard opening kickoff return for a touchdown. That was my most painful Bears memory because as Hester was looking up at the scoreboard, watching himself run away from the Colts, my brother Bob leapt from his chair in excitement which caused his beer to be launched into the air.

His beverage made its way to where I was celebrating and as I was doing the Soulja Boy in honor of Hester, I slipped on the spilled beer, cracking my head open on the end table in a wound that would require 6 staples.

When Carl and Pat bent over to pick me up, Carl's forehead impacted Pat's nose, which in turn broke in an explosion of blood and snot. Carl, who was now slightly dazed, stumbled around until he broke his left pinky toe on the end table.

The sight of the blood didn't sit very well with Todd, who proceeded to faint, cracking his head on the end table in a wound that he would close with some super glue.

Convinced that the end table was cursed, we researched its origin and discovered it was made at a factory in Appleton, Wisconsin. That table was burned and its ashes buried.

Day 28: All time favorite Bears defensive back - Doug Plank had the ferocity of a rabid grizzly bear and the defensive smarts of a member of the Ryan family. We'll never understand why Plank was never invited back to coach in Chicago.

Day 29: Most underrated Bears player of all time - We always thought Josh McGowan never received his just due.

Day 30: Most looking forward to in 2015 - The easy answer is the eventual 15-0 run through 2015 for our boys in Navy and Orange before shutting down the starters for the January 3, 2016 game against the Detroit Lions, in which we will no doubt still be able to savor a victory, thus taking our record to a pristine 16-0, before heading into the postseason for an eventual win, win, and another win in Super Bowl 50, but since those last 4 games all will take place in 2016, we'll stick with 15-0 as our answer to what we are most looking forward to in 2015.

Bear down my friends!

Da Bears!