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The Bears Den: July 10, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

Was Jay making this face while riding the teacups at Holiday World in his hometown of Santa Claus? Alas, SBN didn't have any pictures.

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Can the Bears' offense bounce back? - Is-Hub Arkush: Matt Forte must maintain his production and Jay Cutler must learn to take better care of the football, but it’s not hard to see why Ryan Pace, John Fox and Adam Gase believe all hope should not be lost.

Follow WCG on Twitter; like us on Facebook (& click on 'Follow').  Jay's O-face (as in "Oh, I'm in trouble"... anything else you may have thought is your own fault) in hi-res


Roster analysis - Not-Hub Atkins: 3-4 defenses accept bigger holes up front in exchange for the linebackers to fill them. The Bears will need someone to step up, and Christian Jones might be the best candidate to do exactly that. [Also, a fine, fine example of needlessly making an article two pages for the sake of clicks - Den]

Langford ready to prove himself once again - Not-Hub Fishbain: Jeremy Langford's experience having to wait his turn in the Spartans' backfield should serve him well in one of the few intriguing battles in camp.

Coaches Corner with Mike Groh - Larry Mayer: The only position coach from the previous staff to be retained in the same role, receivers coach Mike Groh is excited about the opportunity to work with the new regime.


TMZ - Matthew Schweha: Kristin Cavallari Shows Off New Bangs Ahead Of Heading To Santa Claus With Jay Cutler. You MUST See.

TMZ - Matthew Schweha: Jay Cutler Returned To His Hometown Of Santa Claus, Indiana And You Will NOT Believe What He DId At The Holiday World THere..

TMZ - Avery Stone: Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari share sex of third baby. Congrats!

TMZ - Blair Sheade: Kyle Long Analyzes 'Shark Week' On Twitter. Erhmahgerd Fact Number Four Will ASTOUND You.

TMZ - Blair Sheade Dan Cahill: Kyle Long wishes he was in the NBA. [And I wish the Sun-Times' Bears offseason coverage hadn't descended into a family bucket full of turds battered and deep-fried and seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices, but we don't always get what we want. Oh, it's lunchtime. - Den]

TMZ - Darth Sheade: One Bears Fan Got A Tattoo Of His Favorite Chicago Mascot Playing His Favorite Sport OMG You Must See You Will Not BELIEVE Ur Eyes.

Polish sausage

Know thy enemies - list of the NFL's top 10 wide receivers includes three divisional rivals and a former Bear.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Despite all of the Packers' success, there's a sense that they're not universally hated by their division rivals. The ESPN NFC North writers discuss; Jeff Dickerson reprazents.

Barely-a-Bear news - (AP): Former 49ers DL Ray McDonald charged with domestic violence.

Non-gridiron link - [Might interest the Cubs fans among you] Will Leitch: Wrigley Field electrifies the Card-Cubs rivalry.


Srsly, Sun-Times. Srsly.