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Which Bears sophomore will make the biggest impact?

The Bears will need players up and down their roster to step up in performance in order for the team to improve on its awful 2014 season. A large part of that will be their second year players making a leap in production. Which player is the best candidate for that? Oh yeah and that's a caveat....

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy to look at this question and immediately have your answer.

'Oh that's easy, it's a slam dunk,' you might think. But you would be wrong.

See, I have decided I want to know which second year player you think will make the biggest leap in production that isn't named Kyle Fuller.

Because the obvious answer is Fuller. From coach John Fox to Vic Fangio and defensive backs coach Ed Donatell, everyone has been pumping up Fuller all offseason.

Heck, our own Lester Wiltfong named him the seventh most important Bear for 2015. Everyone is expecting big things from Fuller this year after he had a fantastic September but he faded as minor injuries, an awful locker room situation and an even more terrible defense around him took its toll.

With new coaches and a few new teammates, Fuller is the easiest candidate for 2015 breakout star.

So, let's look at players other than Fuller.

There's Ego Ferguson. Ferguson is the next-easiest choice for this question because he will also be taking on a larger role on defense. Ferguson, whose role is yet to be definitively etched out, will be a DE or a 5-technique. He mostly played DE in minicamp but that is still a long way from Sept. 13 when the season begins. No matter where he ends up along the DL (but most likely DE), Ferguson will be heavily relied on as a starter and key contributor.

There's also Ka'Deem Carey. Carey was unable to carve out a role last year despite being a draft pick and despite being talked up by the brass at the time. Carey joins a long list of RBs who are unable to keep Matt Forte off the field throughout the latter's career. Will Carey's second season be different? Fox seems intent on using more than one back and Forte isn't getting any younger. Carey should have a slight edge up on rookie Jeremy Langford, despite not being hand-picked by the current regime, because he already has an NFL season under his belt.

WCG favorite Christian Jones should also be labeled a possible sophomore leap candidate. Jones came on strong toward the end of last season, starting five games and racking up 41 tackles, more than players that had twice as many starts. Jones should fit into Fangio's scheme as an ILB and his athleticism could allow him to really break out.

Other candidates for second year break outs are Brock Vereen and Charles Leno. Leno has filled in on the starting offensive line for banged up regular starters and he could be a long shot to beat out Jordan Mills for the RT spot. At worst he seems to be in the driver's seat for the swing tackle spot. Vereen made a lot of unspectacular starts last year but, with a season behind him and the game slowing down, he could become a contributor.

Which not-Kyle Fuller second year player do you see making the most impact?