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The Chicago Bears currently have 29 players in the last year of their contract

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Earlier toady we talked about free agent to be Alshon Jeffery and the options the Chicago Bears have moving forward. Jeffery is just one of 29 players that are currently playing out the final year of their deals. Granted, some of these players may not even make it to the final 53 man roster for the 2015 season, but this list could give us an idea of what the Bears will be looking to do before the 2016 season.

Contract data pulled from Spotrac

Matt Forte RB 29 $9,200,000 UFA
Alan Ball CB 30 $3,000,000 UFA
Shea McClellin LB 25 $2,629,263 UFA
Jeremiah Ratliff DL 33 $1,859,375 UFA
Ryan Mundy S 30 $1,500,000 UFA
Alshon Jeffery WR 25 $1,447,036 UFA
Jimmy Clausen QB 27 $1,125,000 UFA
Jarvis Jenkins DE 27 $825,000 UFA
Sam Acho OLB 26 $665,000 UFA
Mason Foster ILB 26 $665,000 UFA
Thomas Gafford LS 32 $665,000 UFA
Sherrick McManis CB 27 $665,000 UFA
Will Montgomery C 32 $665,000 UFA
Vladimir Ducasse G 27 $665,000 UFA
Marc Mariani WR/KR 28 $660,000 UFA
Josh Bellamy WR 26 $660,000 UFA
Zach Miller TE 30 $660,000 UFA
Jacquizz Rodgers RB 25 $625,000 UFA
Sherrod Martin S 30 $585,000 UFA
Daniel Thomas RB 27 $585,000 UFA
David Bass OLB 24 $585,000 RFA
Chris Pantale TE 25 $585,000 ERFA
Bear Pascoe TE 29 $585,000 UFA
Tracy Porter CB 28 $585,000 UFA
Dante Rosario TE 30 $585,000 UFA
Blake Annen TE 24 $510,000 ERFA
Ryan Groy G 24 $510,000 ERFA
Terrance Mitchell CB 23 $510,000 RFA
Brandon Dunn DL 22 $510,000 ERFA
TOTAL $34,315,674

There are three types of free agents listed. Unrestricted free agents (UFA) are players that are free to sign with any other team once their deal expires. Restricted free agents (RFA) are players with three accrued seasons in the NFL and may be subject to a qualifying offer, which would give the current team the right to first refusal if he signs an offer sheet.

Exclusive rights free agents (ERFA) are players with less than three years accrued in the NFL. The player has no negotiation power and can only accept a new contract with the current team. These are usually undrafted free agents that end up making the league minimum.

The big number coming off the books is Matt Forte's, and the odds of his getting another deal close to $9 million annually are slim to none, with "none" clearly in the lead. He'll be 30 when he's looking for a new contract and teams just don't hand out fat contracts to running backs that age.

But that's not to say no team will want Forte if he plays at a high level in 2015. He's always been a player that kept himself in great shape and he's also been relatively healthy during his career.

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The Bears have other options after the 2015 season to shave salary. Jared Allen has no more guaranteed money due after this year so releasing him would save $8.5 million. If Antrel Rolle doesn't work out he could be cut to save $3 million. There are a few other veterans around 30 years old that the Bears could spring to save money if their performance slips.

The NFL salary cap for the 2015 season is a touch over $143 million and experts predict the 2016 cap could hit $160 million. The Bears should have plenty of cap space available moving forward.