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Brandon Marshall still taking shots at Jay Cutler

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

So this happened last night during a Twitter Q&A between former Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his fans when Marshall was asked the best quarterback he ever played with

He took a shot at Kyle Orton's body type, but that's not the story. The story is him taking a backhanded shot at his now former best friend Jay Cutler.

What happened to the friendship that prompted this OSS from our graphics guru David Taylor?

OSS: 8-Bit Bromance

Or this spectacular photoshop from David?

OSS: Guy Love. Between Two Guys.

Sometime last year the friendship between Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall was fractured. Two guys that viewed their bond as brotherly, now don't even speak to each other.

It could have all started back in December when Marshall dropped the buyer's remorse line in regards to Cutler's big contract. It could have happened earlier in the 2014 season when Marshall had his locker room blow up after the Dolphins game, or maybe around the time when Marshall challenged a fan to fight on Twitter.

There could have been umteen different instances when the "brothers" disagreed that caused the friendship to dissolve to this point.

Last night's Tweet isn't the only recent shot Marshall took at Cutler via Twitter. A couple weeks ago Marshall was asked to name the best teammate he even played with, and #6 didn't make the cut.

Cutler has been relatively quiet in regards to Marshall, with his only public comments being complimentary.

"Love Brandon like a brother. Known him for a long time. Played with him for a long time. We've had our ups-and-downs and back-and-forths. I wish him the best of luck. I know he's going to do well there."

That was from April of this year, and Cutler has yet to respond to the unflattering Tweets.

Maybe that's because Cutler is just too busy preparing for the 2015 season or maybe it's because...

OSS: Haters Gonna Hate