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Chicago Bears Training Camp Countdown: Six

The Bears report to camp in less than a week, join us as we count down the days with stats, facts and other fun things to get you excited for football.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

In the comments of yesterday's countdown post, Darude-Sandstorm offered the smart aleck comment  (there is always one) "Lemme guess tomorrow 6, the number of the most hated player in Chicago."

While that is humorous because it seems like nearly every comment thread does devolve into a shouting match about Cutler, no that is not what day six is going to be in our countdown.

No, six is for much less of a divisive issue than Jay Cutler again.

Today, six is for Alshon Jeffery's consecutive-game touchdown streak he had last season from week 10 to week 15. Jeffery's streak finished one game shy of tying the franchise record of seven games (held by both Ken Kavanaugh and Curtis Conway). Had Jeffery not been shut out of the endzone in Week 17 against Minnesota, he would have a shot to break the franchise mark against the Packers, but alas, it was not to be.

Now, Jeffery will get a chance to restart a streak and beat it.

In my time watching the Bears I can't remember a WR who had the pure talent from the start that Jeffery has. If (or when) he gets a contract extension after this season, I expect him to have a realistic chance of beating every receiving record in franchise history.

The question that remains around Jeffery is how will he perform without Brandon Marshall on the other side of the field taking away other coverage? Until Kevin White adjusts to the NFL game and commands coverage, Jeffery will be the main target of opposing defenses (with Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte getting respect as well, but Jeffery will be target No. 1).

What are you expecting from Jeffery in a contract year?