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The Bears Den: July 23, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

The debbil in human form.

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Roster analysis: Jeremiah Ratliff - Spawn of Hub: The Bears are extremely reliant on Ratliff’s health, which speaks both to his ability and the tenuous state of Chicago’s transitioning D-line.

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Roster analysis: Corner - Not-Hub Atkins: This year’s Bears defense might have only one line on the entire depth chart where you can plot a name down in ink and leave it there, and that’s Kyle Fuller.

Roster analysis: Corner - Dan Wiederer: Vic Fangio's early success may hinge on finding answers at corner, but there's a lot of offensive talent across the division.

Roster analysis: QB - Rich Campbell: Adam Gase is open to analyzing what Jay Cutler does well and maximizing those concepts. Also, the Bears want to run the ball, an approach they abandoned in 2014 to Cutler's detriment ... Alex Marvez: Cutler among 11 QBS on the hot seat.

Roster analysis: QB - Dan Durkin: With a QB who sees the field better when he’s on the move, Adam Gase must make more of an effort to change Jay Cutler’s launch point on waggles and rollouts than Marc Trestman did the past two seasons.

Jay Cutler is a new man? We won't get fooled again - Ugh, Rick Morrissey rears his ugly head again. I gave up reading anything he has to share on the Bears a long time ago, to be honest. It's simply not in any way informative or insightful. I mean, even Rosenbloom can come up with something once in a while that makes me think "Good point". Not Morrissey. Srsly, look at Dan Durkin's piece immediately above and then compare whatever Morrissey spewed out to that.

NFL head coach bashes Jay Cutler - David Just: One voter put Cutler in the tier of having a "damaging" presence to a team ... James Neveau: Erhmahgerd, So reputation. Much toxic ... (CSNChicago): NFL scout: Cutler not 'monster he's been made out to be' [But then again, he's never had Cutler come to his house and forcibly give his wife and children a Dutch oven, so take that with a pinch of salt.] ... Ed Hochuli memes.

Coaches Corner with Ed Donatell - Larry Mayer: introduces you to new defensive backs coach Ed Donatell, a veteran coach who boasts 24 years of NFL experience.

Bears were closer to landing Nick Saban than either Colts, Giants - Moon Mullin: Jerry Angelo and Nick Saban had reached an understanding on the issue of personnel. The situation blew up, however, when Ted Phillips refused to commit the Bears to money in the range of the $4 million Saban demanded.

Sacking Father Time - Chris Trapasso: Elite pass rushers can be productive into their 30s, as long as they can stay healthy.

Ex-Bear news - Brian L. Cox: Richard Dent fined for speeding on Edens Expressway.

Chicago's greatest athletes by uniform number - David Just: Day 3: Nos. 59-40.

Bears doing monstrous things - (CSNChicago): Jay Cutler hosts youth football camp in Tennessee. Probably so he can surrepticiously unvaccinate them, or something.

TMZ - Dan Cahill: "Kyle Long rocks to Bon Jovi while driving". Blair Sheade must have had a day off.

Polish sausage

Madden - John Breech: EA Sports burns Seahawks on Twitter with Super Bowl 49 joke.


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