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Bears Countdown to Camp: Two days

The Bears report to Bourbonnais in two days, which is the amount of Pro-Bowl players they had a year ago.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

In compiling this countdown I've been pouring over last year's team looking for players who have streaks, stats or records that are ongoing or could break franchise marks from years past.

Sadly though there are very few of these, especially on the defensive side. The deficiency of talent (or lack of ability by coaches to bring it out) is glaringly obvious when looking for items such as these.

After years of having so many familiar faces on the Bears' defense, it is odd to look over the roster and note that so few of those players have been around for more than a couple of years. Tim Jennings is the longest tenured defensive starter for Chicago entering his sixth year with the team. So many of the players on that side of the ball are recent free agent additions (Ryan Mundy, Jeremiah Ratliff) or younger(ish) draft picks (Jonathan Bostic, Shea McClellin, Kyle Fuller), that none of them have had a chance to really build any kind of legacy in Chicago.

Nothing points out the overall lack of high-caliber play than the fact that the Bears had only two Pro Bowl selections last year.


And one of those came about because Rob Gronkowski had a Super Bowl to prepare for.

Last season only Martellus Bennett and Kyle Long represented the navy and orange in the Pro Bowl and while it was deserving on the basis that the team was dreadful, it speaks to the ongoing issues the team has had at both finding and procuring talent.

Bennett has certainly raised his level of play since coming to Chicago two offseasons ago and has emerged as one of the better dual-threat tight ends around the league. His personality has come to match that play, though, and he's rubbed some fans the wrong way.

Lon,g on the other hand, has become a fan favorite in Chicago with his mentality, his personality and most importantly, his play. Long is the best offensive linemen the Bears have drafted since Olin Kreutz. The team has flirted with bumping him out to right tackle this offseason; some analysts think he could do that, or even left tackle, and be productive.

Other than those two the only other Pro Bowl caliber players the team has are Matt Forte, who is getting long in the tooth and Alshon Jeffery, who has every chance of getting back to the Pro Bowl after being hampered by some minor injury issues last season.

Drafting Pro Bowl talent is a must in the NFL and ideally Ryan Pace will have found some with Kevin White and Eddie Goldman, among the others.

Which players have the best shot at going to the Pro Bowl this season?