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Countdown to Camp: One day

The Chicago Bears report to training camp in one day...ONE DAY!

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

While the Bears do not actually take the practice field for training camp until Thursday, there will still be Bears-related news tomorrow (!!) as the team reports to Bourbonnais and the media is on hand to do the annual "Here is a Chicago Bears player moving into a dorm room" live-tweet.

Yes, the long and winding offseason is finally over and we are one day away from the Bears beginning camp and less than two days out from having actual football-related activities to read and talk about.

First things first though, there is a countdown that needs to finish up.

One: The number of defensive touchdowns the Bears had last season.

That is a tough one to swallow after so many years of Lovie Smith's takeaway first mentality and always being among the better teams in the turnovers department. The Bears ended the season -5 in the turnover margin last season and had only one defensive touchdown (a pick six by Ryan Mundy).

The defense was so bad last year that they couldn't even luck their way into more than one touchdown. Usually there are a couple of fluky plays where a ball ends up loose and an opportunity for the defense to walk into the endzone occurs. But not to the team last year.

Vic Fangio's 49ers defense finished fourth in the league last year with 29 takeaways (the Bears were 20th with 24). Granted he doesn't have the playmakers in Chicago that he had in San Francisco, but hopefully he can restore some of that takeaway mentality.

Do you think the Bears can not only generate more takeaways this year but score more defensive touchdowns? Is it just a lack of big-play defenders that's caused the drop the past couple of years?