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The Bears Den: July 29, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

Can a motivated Jared Allen rejuvenate his career for one last hurrah?

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Jared Allen is Bears' sleeping giant - Kevin Bollard: The motivation created by a waning window of opportunity, combined with the excitement of learning a new position, should allow Allen to tap into whatever remains of his potential.

Team report - Andrew Seligman: The Bears enter their first training camp under John Fox looking for leap past a dysfunctional 2014 season.

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Roster news - Rich Campbell: Bears sign D-lineman David Carter, waive linebacker Jonathan Brown.

Training camp day-by-day schedule - Practice times from tomorrow's first session until it all wraps up on August 16th.

[Video] - Is-Hub Arkush and Not-Hubs Fishbain & Atkins: The defense is expected to have the biggest competition at all positions, with the biggest questions as to who will fill what positions.

[Video] SportsTalk Live - Bears report to camp Wednesday.

[Video] - (CSNChicago): Questions facing Bears ahead of training camp

Bears mailbag - Brad Biggs's readers' Q&As on assessing David Bass' role in the 3-4, whether the Bears might have interest in various free agents, and what to look out for at training camp.

Gase a coaching wunderkind - Brad Biggs: A fast-track career in coaching was launched for Adam Gase as an 18-year-old college freshman.

[Video] - Ryan Pace joins Bears Roundtable to discuss the start of training camp ... pt.2: Evaluating roster ... pt.3: Competition.

TMZ BDZ - Remember when the Sun-Times' Bears section used to have actual Bears news from the likes of Adam Jahns, Patrick Finley, and even Mark Potash, with additional material by Ricks Morrissey and Telander seemingly included to make their others look better?  Seems like a lifetime ago.  Today's offering from Blair Sheade is: "Kyle Long takes fans behind the scenes into his home during Training Camp".  Srsly.

"Canadian man pens poem celebrating Walter Payton's birthday" - I only include this because it's the other item of news in the Sun-Times' Bears section, and this article by Darth Sheade's padawan Matthew Schwerha has made me reevaluate the work of William Butler Yeats. You such a hack, Yeats.

Polish sausage

Know thy enemy: Packers - Steven Ruiz: Everything in place for Super Bowl march for Packers; if team overcomes 2014 heartbreak, talent could carry it to fifth Lombardi Trophy.

Know thy enemies - FoxSports' slideshow man [probably Alex Marvez but I don't care enough to check] picks out BJ Raji, Ezekiel Ansah, and Mike Wallace as potential sleeping giants for our NFC North rivals.

/facepalm - Ryan Wilson: We suppose the Buccaneers deserve credit for trying. But for an outfit that went 2-14 last season, maybe a little more thought should have gone into the motivational slogan for the 2015: "Siege the Day."