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The Bears Den: July 03, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

Jimmy Garoppolo would probably rather have been back at EIU, reading the Bears Den at that moment. Mind you, 30 seconds later and the same could be said for Lamarr Houston.

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Roster analysis - Not-Hub Fishbain: Lamarr Houston is one of the biggest question marks on this defense. When will he be 100 percent? Players who make that much money don't sit on the bench.

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One question every team must answer - Alex Marvez: The transition to get younger under Ryan Pace begins with the six-man 2015 draft class, but how quickly can the rookies begin making an impact?

[Video] SportsTalk Live - The Bears' Super Bowl odds have been updated.

Ex-Bear news - Andrew Lawrence: An unexpected tragedy - losing his wife to an aneurysm at the age of only 29 and leaving him to look after their two young children - forced Tommie Harris to grow up fast.

TMZ - Now, I'm not saying Blair Sheade is, in terms of people whose name appears authoring articles on Chicago Bears sports pages, a huge and softly-steaming pile of complete and utter Sheade, but I looked at "Jay Cutler wasn't Brandon Marshall's favorite teammate" and felt (a) my IQ drop by a full standard deviation, and (b) instant nostalgia for the insights that a Mike Imrem would drop on us, or the wit and wisdom of a Steve Rosenbloom. Come back Maggie Hendricks, all is forgiven.

Polish sausage

Who's under the most pressure as we enter 2015? - highlights six players and coaches in need of a big season, surprisingly don't include Jay Cutler.

X&Os - Matt Bowen introduces the basics of the two-minute offense. More from BowenThe 3-4 defensive front ... the zone blitz ... basic route combinations.

Know thy enemies - Alex Marvez' "One question every team must answer" slideshow for the Lions, the Packers [who, according to Marvez, lost starting corner Tramon Williams to... Chicago?], and the Vikings.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Chris Burke: The Packers took a typically passive approach to the off-season, highlighted by re-signing Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga, showing they are fully confident in their system.  (AP): Datone Jones suspended for season opener vs Bears.