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The Bears Den: July 06, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

Eddie Royal is the most underrated addition to the NFC North, according to

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Which player is the most underrated addition to NFC North? - writers almost unanimously agree that the answer is Eddie Royal, while the only other name in the mix is also a Bear.  Bucky Brooks: Cutler-Royal among 10 rising pitch-and-catch combos.

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Roster analysis - Spawn of Hub: Why is Jordan Mills, the O-line’s weak link, one of just three assumed starting blockers who’ll appear on our list of the 20 Bears whos level of play is most important to success in 2015? ... [Video] Counting down 20-16.

X&Os - Matt Bowen: A freakish combination of size and speed but still somewhat raw in his route running, expect to see the Bears use Kevin White on routes where his athleticism can take over at the point of attack and create opportunities to produce after the catch.

NFL QB rankings - How the starting QBs for all 32 teams stack up heading into summer training camp. Jay Cutler isn't the worst thing since Ebola, but then again he never shat on Andy Benoit's breakfast waffles and then made him eat them.

2015 NFL offseason report cards - grade how all 32 NFL teams did this off-season, from free agency to the draft and the trade market. Doug Farrar and Chris Burke don't give the Bears an F- for not replacing Jay Cutler under center with an ironing board, but then again he never pissed in their coffee in front of them, stirred it with with his "minijay", and then made them drink it.

Photos - In celebration of Fourth of July weekend, takes a pictorial look at a recent meet-and-greet the Bears hosted at Halas Hall for a group of Marines.

TMZ BDZ - Kevin White Saw His Idol At The Rookie Symposium He Was Starstruck, What Happened Next, Wow I'm In Total Shock! Wait Until You See The Photo! [Tip o' the hat to Blame Householder. Not that one, the original one.]

Polish sausage

X&Os - Matt Bowen: A game situation that is often overlooked on Sundays, the "four-minute offense" is one of the most crucial aspects of pro football when protecting a lead in the fourth quarter.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Ryan Wood: TE Andrew Quarless was arrested early Saturday morning in Miami Beach, Fla., after firing two shots from a handgun after an altercation.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Tom Pelissero: Vikings confident Teddy Bridgewater and the team could make a playoff push with Adrian Peterson back.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - ESPN's NFC North writers discuss whether the Vikings will have the best defense in the division by midyear.


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