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It's good to have goals, but let's be realistic

The 2015 Buffalo Bills' defenders are striving to become the best defense in the history of the NFL. So good luck with that, we'll just give you a preemptive 'Good job, good effort' right now, because no one is dethroning the Kings, the 1985 Chicago Bears.

"Even I have a hard time keeping a straight face when claiming we're gonna knock off the '85 Bears"
"Even I have a hard time keeping a straight face when claiming we're gonna knock off the '85 Bears"
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Say what?

If the goal that the Buffalo Bills are striving for was to be ranked 3rd in the pantheon of great defenses in the history of the NFL, much like the above Tweet would indicate, then fine, we're happy for you.

Go for it.

But upon further investigation, we've discovered that the aforementioned Tweet was misleading in its construction. The Bills aren't striving to be ranked behind the Greatest Defense in the history of the world, the 1985 Chicago Bears' D, or that Raven D from that one year.

The Buffalo Bills actually believe they can be the best. Like as in ever.

I know right? I thought they were joking too.

"We want to be the best (defense) in history -- one of the greatest," linebacker Nigel Bradham recently said, via the Toronto Sun. "That's what we're striving for ... the greatest of all time, not just this year or last year."

Settle down Nigel.

I don't see anyone named Dent, Hampton or Fencik patrolling the D in Buffalo. There aren't any Junkyard Dogs barking in Buffalo's Red, White or Blue.

"Best ever," Pro Bowl defensive tackle Marcell Dareus said of the Bills' goal. "It's so obtainable. All we have to do is continue to do what we want, and not what we can. If we do what we want, and do everything to head in that direction, why can't we? Why can't we?"

Why can't you?

First off we had to read, then reread that atrocious quote because all you 'have to do is do what you do when you can, so you can do it when you want to do it' sounds like a bunch of false bravado gibberish to us.

How about you can't because there can be only one.

Not only couldn't any of the 2015 Bills' defenders start on the 1985 Bears, but we doubt any of them would even make the team. Now before you Bill fans get your undies in a bunch, remember that the NFL roster was only 49 players deep in 1985. I'll admit this though, if the 1985 roster size was the same 53 like it is today, then I'll bet Mario Williams and Marcell Dareus sneak onto our roster.

We will also give you this one Buffalo, you do have some good genes siting atop your team, since Buddy Ryan's kid is manning your ship.

Head coach Rex Ryan got to sit under the learning tree of Buddy's 46 Defense and soak it all in, so if anyone were to build a defense that could be mentioned in the same sentence as that '85 Bear D, it would be Rex. As long as the sentence went something line this;

Rex Ryan built a D that was close to being as historic as his daddy's, but the 1985 Super Bowl winning defense from Buddy was much, much, much better.

Now had Rex been hired by the Beloved, I think he would have been able to turn this current ragtag group of players into something historic, but his poor job as a Bears ball boy soured the franchise on him.

Rex is as braggadocios as his old man, claiming the Bills will be the #1 ranked D in 2015 and that they will build a "bully" in Buffalo. Brian Galliford from Buffalo Rumblings claims, "the Bills are going to have an awesome defense again in 2015."

Build a bully? OK, I know the Bills signed a bully, but as for building a bully, I don't spy any Bermuda Triangle's on Buffalo's roster. And please don't even throw that knockoff around like it actually mattered. It was kind of embarrassing. And awesome? OK, perhaps, but best ever? Stop yourself. Because like we previously stated, there can be only one.

It gets worse though, as SB Nation's Danny Kelly even writes that Rex Ryan is building a monster in Buffalo.

Pump the brakes and let's settle down there Mr. Kelly.

We all know where NFL Monsters are from, and it sure as hell ain't Buffalo.

Monsters come from Chicago.

Bear Down My Friends...