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The Bears Den: July 08, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

Will potential future Hall of Fame candidate Jared Allen be able to adjust to a new role?

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Roster analysis: OLB - Dan Durkin: If Lamarr Houston is healthy and Jared Allen adjusts to playing from a two-point stance and embraces playing a situational role, Vic Fangio should be able to scheme pressure on a weekly basis.

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Roster analysis - Not-Hub Fishbain: Jared Allen is one of four Bears making the transition from 4-3 DE to 3-4 OLB, but he's the only one with the Hall of Fame pedigree.

Which NFLers are most affected by new coaches? - Jason B. Hirschhorn: As edge rushers lose a step or two with age, it becomes more difficult to fit them into new defensive roles. Yet the Bears plan to shift 33-year-old Jared Allen as part of their transition to a 3-4.

What Antrel Rolle is trying to change with the Bears - Not-Hub Arkins: Antrel Rolle talks about bringing the fuel and whatever else he must from a back-end spot, going full-go because he knows no other way.

White ready to be a star on the biggest stage - Not-Hub Fishbain: Kevin White may have compared the reception to his college town, but draft night was only a glimpse of the bright lights that will shine on him during his first season in the NFL.

[Video] - Is-Hub Arkush on a few burning questions for the Bears entering training camp.

Meet the coaches: Dowell Loggains - Larry Mayer: New QBs coach Dowell Loggains has spent the previous 10 seasons with the Cowboys, Titans and Browns, and learned about Bears history from working alongside Dave McGinnis.

[Video] Inside the Bears - Growing up as a child, Matt Slauson was bullied and picked on for a speech impediment. But with the help of football, Slauson stopped the teasing. [I'm sure the fact he was becoming a very large and very strong human being playing a violent sport helped! - Den]

Forte supports Englewood for no violence this weekend - Dan Cahill: Matt Forte tweeted his support for Englewood for having no shootings during a very violent Fourth of July weekend in Chicago.

TMZ BDZ - Blair Sheade: The Bears' Top Receivers Minus Alshon Jeffery Worked Out With Jay Cutler At His Alma Mater Vanderbilt But You Will NOT Believe Whom Jeffries Worked Out With Instead Erhmahgerd It WIll Blow Ur Mind

TMZ BDZ - "Martellus Bennett is taking shots at Russell Wilson for his abstinence comments" ... Kyle Thele, you may try but you, sir, are no Blair Sheade. There can be only one.

Polish sausage

Ex-Bear news - David Kenyon: Geno Smith says Brandon Marshall is 'a QB's best friend' [He must be by now; he's had experience of being shipped off to make new best friends enough times in his career - Den].

Know thy enemy: Lions - With the loss of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley in free agency, can the Lions turn to Haloti Ngata and Tyrunn Walker to fill the void? The ESPN NFC North writers discuss.


Video you may not have.  Look so good you will not when 800 years you reach, either.