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Matt Forte disagrees that Brandon Marshall had to hold Jay Cutler accountable

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Earlier today on The Rich Eisen Show, Chicago Bears' running back Matt Forte was asked about the recent comments made by his former teammate, Brandon Marshall, in regards to Jay Cutler.

In case you missed what Marshall had to say, here's his quote.

"There is a culture in the league that you keep everything in-house. But for me last year, I felt like, when we are going on 10 years, nine, 10 years in the league -- it's time to get it. I felt like I was the only one in the organization that had the 'huevos' to hold him (Cutler) accountable."

Forte feels there's a lot of "animosity" behind what Marshall had to say. Remember this isn't this first time this offseason that Marshall found a way to criticize Cutler.

He goes on to disagree with Marshall, even saying that sometimes "Brandon couldn't hold himself accountable."

You can check out the quick one minute clip from the show right here.

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Your thoughts?