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Another former Bear is taking a shot at Jay Cutler

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Earlier today FOX Sports published an article titled Jay Cutler taking on leadership role with help of Chicago Bears' new staff.

It's pretty much what you would expect from a preseason piece about the polarizing Chicago QB, his relationship with the new coaching staff and expectations moving forward.

It details some of what the new regime is doing to get Cutler prepared, not only for the new scheme, but also on how to change some of the negative perceptions about him.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but most Bears' fans either love Cutler or they hate him, with the haters probably outweighing those that actually like Jay.

Many members of the "media" even struggle with not taking things to a personal level when discussing Jay Cutler. It's clear to me which members of both the local and national media have a strong dislike for Cutler.

To be fair, Cutler has brought much of the negativity upon himself by not conforming to what am NFL quarterback should do. He doesn't go out of his way to share with the media like other QBs do. He's occasionally aloof or grumpy during his press conferences. But to be fair, that's just who he is.

Once the new coaching regime decided that they'll be rolling with Cutler for the 2015 season (and the 2016 season by way of his guaranteed money), they realized Cutler's image needed some retooling.

Earlier this spring Cutler and offensive coordinator Adam Gase met at Halas Hall.

From the article;

Cutler huddled with new offensive coordinator Adam Gase to discuss everything from his physical appearance to his actions that might be misinterpreted. It had been an issue for Cutler for years, as his body language caught by cameras had given viewers and fans the idea that one of the most competitive players in the NFL simply didn't care.

Gase made it clear to Cutler there were a lot of people who didn't like him because he didn't give them a chance to like him. It wasn't about changing who Cutler was as a person; it was more about communicating it better to teammates and other Bears employees.

And it was about building trust between a quarterback in need of direction and an assistant coach eager to provide some.

The article quotes Cutler expressing happiness with his new team.

"I think myself, the rest of the quarterbacks and the rest of the offense for that matter really like what we're doing right now," Cutler told reporters Tuesday. "We really enjoy the coaches, being around them. There's a lot of energy from this group. So it's fun day-in and day-out."

The article also points out the problems that Cutler and some of his 2014 teammates had with former head coach Marc Trestman, both from a schematic and a personality standpoint. These locker room and on field problems have since been chronicled by a number of different players. They played a big part in why the Bears overhauled the front office and coaching staff after the 5-11 season..

Parts of the article are also about Cutler's teammates showing support for him and talking about changes they've seen from Cutler this offseason.

I know we've seen this story before, but it seems we're getting a brand new Jay Cutler this year.

A former Chicago Bears' player decided to chime in on the article via Facebook and he did so with a cautionary tone. Brendon Ayanbadejo, who played in Chicago from 2005-2007, was the first person to comment on the article.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

I'm not sure if Ayanbadejo has ever spoken with Cutler, their Bear careers missed each other by a couple years. But I'm sure he knows some players that played with Jay. Ayanbadejo currently works as a analyst for Fox Sports 1, so having an opinion is technically his job.

Do you share Ayanbadejo's sentiment?

Check out the FOX Sports article and let us know if you think the new regime means anything different for Cutler.