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Chicago Bears vs Miami Dolphins: 2nd Half Open Thread

Join us below for continued coverage of the Bears-Dolphins contest!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears  3

Miami Dolphins  10

The Chicago Bears are running a brand new defense, and a brand new offense, with a lot of brand new players.  Also, it's only preseason game #1.

The primary goal of teams in the early preseason games is to see recognition, diagnosis, and adjustment-- enough work on enough personnel to get some good time in the film room.

For the first two offensive outings, the Bears had four penalties.  And that's okay.  Jay Cutler got some snaps, the offensive line got some good contact, and they did alright.

The Dolphins offense moved the ball pretty well.  And that's okay.  The defensive line made a few plays, the linebackers moved around, and the defensive backs got some good looks.

One half of football in the books, and one left to go.  Let's see how the backups do, and who is going to get noticed from down deep in the depth chart.

This is your Second Half Open Thread... Have fun!