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John Fox speaks on the Bears victory over the Dolphins

Come see what the new head coach had to say about Thursday night's victory over the Dolphins.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

John Fox took the stage after the Chicago Bears beat the Miami Dolphins at Soldier Field on Thursday night.  Below are some of his thoughts.

Opening Statement

"Injuries to report from the game: Terrance Mitchell went out with the concussion protocol. He was cleared later in the game and we decided not to risk him and also not participating - I think it was a surprise to most people - was Alshon Jeffery strained a calf in practice the other day at camp before we came down and we held him out so he'll be day-to-day."

On what he learned from the game

"We looked very sloppy particularly early. What I liked is the guys hung in there, they didn't blink - they kept fighting. I think what's normal in this league - turnover ratio, ball security - is critical in the game. I think that's what swung it for us. I think we were probably plus-four with that last pick I think. So that was really the difference in the game. A lot of penalties and things. We still have a whole lot to work on."

On the backup running back competition

"I liked them in practice. I think as a coach you control practice, you make it as physical as you can and try to keep your guys healthy. So this is the first time for us as a coaching staff and them as players with us. You expect some things we had. We had some change issues, a lot of false starts. You play a variety of quarterbacks and that sometimes happens. I think we operated okay but still have a lot of work to do."

Fox is a veteran of the game, and his diagnosis started long before the first preseason game.  New general manager Ryan Pace has upgraded many positions already, but everyone knows there are still holes left to fill.  Having a veteran coaching staff will help develop some of the younger and lesser-talented players as the year goes along.

We'll have more quotes from Bears players coming shortly.