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Chicago Bears players react to the win over the Miami Dolphins

What did some of the Bears players have to say about their first preseason game of the year?

Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, we heard from new head coach John Fox on the Bears first preseason game versus the Dolphins-- you can check out his quotes HERE-- and today we'll see what some of the players had to say.


On what the rhythm was like and if it was coming along

"Definitely. With this offense, us being on the ball a lot, it's different for some of these guys. We've got to get in better shape. We've got to get moving a little quicker at times, but I thought tonight the offensive line did a good job. There are going to be pluses and minuses when we watch this film."

On the hurry up offense

"I like it. I like it a lot. It gives us a lot of time on the clock if we want to change a play, want to go to something else, we can. I think it kind of wore the defense out as we progressed throughout the game. The way the game got going there toward the end, I think tha was because we ran so many plays and we were so effective."

On how much of training camp is establishing a mindset of staying positive

"That's a good point. It's not always going to go smoothly. It's with a new group, new coaches, new players out there. We're all adjusting to how it will go if we go three-and-out, if we get sacked for second-and-15. What are we going to do to bounce back? That's part of the growing process we're going through right now. Ok, we went three-and-out, had some penalties, we put together a little bit of a drive, got three (points) on the board.

"Then the twos came in. They had some setbacks and we were able to bounce back through that. I think that's a good point and something we need to carry over to Indy and get better and better at."

On how much he studies the offense from the sideline when he's not in and helping Jimmy Clausen

"I think everyone was kind of excited to see this stuff in motion in real life. Get tackled and everything. Watching Jimmy [Clausen], making sure he's good, then also seeing how these plays are going to work and how they're going to play out and talk with Adam [Gase] about the process. What he likes, what he didn't like in calls. So it was good."


On being able to take something away from a first preseason game

"Well, we have to start by looking at the film and seeing where we have to work, especially that first drive. That's definitely not how we wanted to start off our preseason. But, we were able to get up there and speed the tempo up with that second drive. We had some success moving the ball. I think it was more that we killed ourselves than them stopping us. I just think that we get back to the drawing board and fight to be more consistent, fight to be faster, and as the game went on, we got better."


On the new position

"You just have to trust the defense. You've got to trust the keys that you've got and go and make plays. Football is about process - how fast can you process the information so that you can go and apply the football knowledge and football talent to it. So, that's what it comes down to. We'll just keep working on that process. The faster that you can recognize things, the more that you can anticipate. For me, I work on pass rushing stuff because it's a different angle. I was trying to get my pad level down. It's just slightly different things that this whole process through training camp is. It's cool for me this year because preseason has a purpose and a function - not that it didn't before - because it's really a time where I can hone a new craft. It's like my younger days, where you're really trying to use it to polish and understand... It's always good to have stuff on tape so that you can communicate with the guys. So, as soon as everyone's on the same page, it clicks, and you'll see much better performances."