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Kevin White to have surgery; possibly miss 2015 season per Bears GM Ryan Pace

After several weeks of assurances that the leg injury was nothing to be too concerned with, the status of the rookie's 2015 season in doubt.

White could possibly miss his entire rookie season after waiting to address a leg injury.
White could possibly miss his entire rookie season after waiting to address a leg injury.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears rookie wide receiver, who has missed the entirety of training camp with leg issues, is now hurt even more than thought:

White, who has been working to come back from a "leg issue", is now to have surgery on that leg:

So the leg injury was quite a bit more serious than we were lead to believe, as they've been hoping for it to heal for several months now. This reflects poorly on a new administration as the opportunity to address this has been on the table for several months now. With this type of injury, waiting around to have it heal now affects the season, where different choices right after OTAs would have him at the end of recovery now. But here's another weird aspect to this story. From a Rich Campbell Chicago Tribune article posted just YESTERDAY (emphasis mine):

In his first public comments since the injury, White was upbeat with a good sense of humor. He was adamant there is no stress fracture in his shin.

"I was just told that it was something with the shin, like Coach Fox said," White said. "They're calling it just a shin. I got to keep icing it and just lay off of it."

So which is it? Has the coaching and front office been lying the whole time? Were the doctors not able to properly address it? Did it just exist? Has it been there since OTAs? Something does not 100% add up right now.

This is a blow to a franchise who had put a lot of hope in White, taking him in the 1st round of the draft to play opposite Alshon Jeffery, who is also suffering a calf strain but is expected to be available for Week 1.

The wide receiver battles in training camp are also much more important now. Something to keep an eye on as the Bears prepare to face the Colts in preseason week 2.

What are your thoughts on this, Bears fans? Let us know below.